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Ladies, in minutes, how long is the longest blow job you have ever given

In minutes how long is the longest blow job you have ever given?

In minutes how long is the shortest blow job you have ever given?

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  • I can make my boyfriend come very quickly. I've never timed it, but I think it's under a minute. I like doing that to him right before we go out.

    The longest time would have to have been on his birthday when he was kind of drunk. He initially just wanted to sleep, but I wasn't taking no for an answer. It seemed to take forever, but I think it was probably about an hour. I wouldn't have stayed on it for so long had it not been a special occasion, but I was glad that I did. After that he said he felt very loved and that's what totally what I wanted. He's a good guy; he deserves that.

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  • stupid question. I don't time how long before he cums, just along as he does.

  • my college girlfriend once sucked me for about an hour. god I miss her! well, that part anyway!

  • Followup question, have you ever continued stimulation after the guy came?

  • The ideal time is just however long it takes for him to cum, I will also say that the better you can give head, the shorter it takes, I've had girls that wasn't really any good at it that couldn't even make it cum, but others that made it feel so damn good that it was better than sex and made me not last even 5 minutes

    • Haven't you ever been with a girl who took her time on purpose?

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    • That's why I like to make mine last a long time, I go slow in the beginning, lots of teasing and build-up. But I know what you mean about the bad ones. I experience that when I'm receiving too, it just takes forever to orgasm if they don't have the right pressure and rhythm.

    • Yea, going slow and teasing and build up is a very powerful effect and technique to have, those are some of the best head job scenarios! But yea, at least you know and have experienced knowledge about what I'm talking about with the dumbfound headers.

What Girls Said 6

  • Ok, so longest blowjob was like, prob 30-40 min. Aaand shortest, literally under 1 min! :o)

  • Wow those are longer times than I expected or experienced. For me, they all are really just a few minutes and he either shoots, or we take a break so he doesn't, and move on to other things.

  • Hmm, I would say the longest was about 20 minutes...the shortest, maybe 5 minutes

  • It's really hard to estimate time because I'm not exactly looking at the clock right before and after, but I'd say the longest was 45 minutes and the shortest was 2-4 minutes.

  • Longest 25 minutes

    Shortest 3 minutes

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