Women, would you mind if you saw a man with an erection on a nude beach?

women, would you mind if you saw a guy with an erection on a nude beach. Is it bad for you to see one or is it no big deal as long as the guy isn't masturbating? Or is it a guys idea that erections on a nude beach are bad? I want your opinion on this.


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  • I went to a nude beach with a male friend of mine. I was surprised how fast we both stripped down. It was actually a turn on to be completely nude in front of so many men. Anyway, I really enjoyed checking out all the men. I asked john if he wanted to go for a walk along the water, so we did. As we were walking I told him I thought it was cute to watch his penis swing back and forth as he walked. It must have turned him on that I was checking him out because he started to grow. He started to get embarrassed, but I told him It didn't bother me. As we kept walking he continued to get a full erection. I was a little surprised how much he grew. It was about 7 inches and stood straight out from his body. As he walked you could tell it wanted to bounce around, but was too hard. As we walked past other women they would just smile. When we got back to our blanket he had to lay on his back with his penis still at full mast. The two girls laying next to us were also enjoying the show. Since their was nobody else around us except the two girls, I told him If he had to take care of himself it was fine. He looked a little surprised at first, but when he thought I had closed my eyes he started to stroke himself.

    • It is interesting that if there is a woman with the guy, the women seem less threatened by an erection and that younger women are more understanding than an older woman!

    • He jerked off on the beach ?

    • I've seen guys jerking off on nude beaches several times; one time I was walking a path behind two guys sitting on a towel next to each other one of them was jerking off the other. They must have heard me walk by because they stopped. I didn't care just kept walking. If guys want to jerk off on a nude beach I just don't look (as long as they're being relatively discreet). What do you expect on a nude beach; nudity is usually sexual when there are d***s and t*ts and pussies visible.

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  • I have been on nude beaches in Florida, Boniare, St Martian, Antigula and have never seen anyone give it a second thought. It's natural, it happens, that is why we are here in the first place.

    • I was walking nude down and three women in bathing suits were watching me and laughing aomong themselves. I think it was because I was totally shrivelled and they noticed how small it is

  • This would be rather creepy to me, but I would never be on a nude beach personally. I guess if you are a nude beach you have to prepare for things like that happening because it is involuntary, but it would creep me. Just saying, why not think about baseball or something, lol.

  • I think it is guys that think erections are bad. When I went or the first time I was a little disappointed that most men did not have erections. I think it is amazing when you see a guy just walking along the beach with his penis standing at full attention. Its both sexy and confident. What else I find interesting is the many different sizes and shapes of men penis' when they are hard.

    • I agree with you. I think mostly, it is guys you oppose it. Of course, providing the guy isn't masturbating or harrassing women with it! I also find it hard to beleive that if a guy sees an atractive woman, he isn't going to get an erection! I think he is not getting one, because he knows it is a no no or not really looking at her! To tell me they do not look at women sexually or sexual way is BS to me!

    • I don't know, I once got a full erection while walking down a nude beach and some woman shouted out "hey that guy's got a hard on"

  • It's a nude beach...I don't expect a man surrounded by naked women not to get one...it's completely understandable to me

    • I don't go to nude beaches and I am just asking what you women thought about it. To me it is not fair if the woman gets excited and the man can't. I am not saying it is appropiate one way or the other, just saying there is a double standard here. Who made the law, men or women? Why is it bad if I guy has one as long as he isn't masturbating or flaunting it? Thanks for your comment!

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    • You have that right! lol

    • Well that and the y chromosome poisoning... it all evens out thankfully

  • First of all, I wouldn't go to a nude beach myself, just because I would feel uncomfortable. But that's just me.

    But if I was there, and I saw one, then I'd just think: "Well, what are you supposed to expect? It's bound to happen."

  • I'd only be a bit creeped out because I'd assume most people would have the decency to cover it with a towel or something.

  • I think the whole concept of a nude beach equals the possibility of erections. The kind of women who feel comfortable at those places or even search out those places should know that seeing erections may be a possibility. I myself would feel uncomfortable about the whole everyone is nude thing...but the erection thing is a result of the environment and is totally understandable.


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  • If you get an erection on a nude beach, it is proper etiquette to cover it up until it goes away. I obviously can't speak on behalf of girls but I can tell that it is pretty well known internationally that erections on nude beaches are not appropriate.

    The guys that have the erections on the nude beaches are the creepy weird ones that are at the beach for the wrong, wrong reasons.

    • True, but I have never been on a nude beach before and would not say I were to get one. Just asking them if what they think about it. I mean who is actually made the rule? Men or women? Is it because Men don't want to see it or women are bothered by it?

    • Erections usually come because of something sexual.

      Nude beaches are not sexual.

      I've been going to nude beaches since I was 20 and there are very creepy guys who the police watch that sometimes get erections. If you get one, just sit down and wait for it to go away. Walking around with an erection on a nude beach will get you in trouble and is not good.

  • People who worry about erections on nude beaches have probably never been on one. I've been going to nude beaches ffor years and I have never, ever, seen one. That's not to say that they never happen, but the idea that there are even one or two guys wandering around like that is misguided.

  • I'd mind it a whole lot less than seeing a girl with an erection.

  • Ever since my first experience on a nude beach having that first woman pass by and smile my way, I was hooked. Having been to a few beaches, I recall several erections, but they were all while being in the water since I did not want the embarrassment of offending woman or making them feel threatened. It's nice to read that most woman enjoy looking at an erect penis (and probably why a lot of full bikini-clad woman go there when there is ample non-nude beaches around). So the next time I feel a little rush when I see a woman standing with her legs apart while leaning back squeezing the water from her hair, I'll be sure to let nature take its course and let her know how much I appreciate what she is doing, and maybe the smile on her face will make her enjoy the nude beach experience as mush as I do.