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Do girls like playing with their boyfriend's balls?

Do you like to touch/play with them as foreplay. Do you get an urge to touch his balls and get pleasure from doing that

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  • I love licking and sucking on my boyfriends balls then move on to his d*** ;)

    • Do you like to play with his balls and tease him for a long time

    • i do! I love his balls it's such a turn on for me! making him happy makes me happy!

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  • Oh yes we do! If I want a guy to f*ck me and have a good time with me I want him to have as much enjoyment as this is a two way street. The fact that I personally enjoy fondling and sucking guys penises, and ball sac's might make it easier for me as it is not a chore but a pleasure for me as well. I try never to be in a hurry and take lots of time, love being naked with a guy for hours at a time and so many different things can be done to make it so much fun for the both of us.

  • Well, they are right there, so we might as well have fun with them. I think the balls are fun because he likes having them rolled and fondled and squeezed to a point, past which it really hurts him. so it's fun to try to do as much as you can, to squeeze or pull a little harder to come close but not actually hurting him.

  • tried that... he didn't like it. It was weird for him and I said weird good?

    But in all seriousness... I'm playful and try to learn new ways of touching him so I'm always experimenting and keeping my innocence about what guys like. I'm 3 years in and still trying different hand techniques! Every guy is different and so I'm going to keep trying until I can do it naturally and I'm a pro! lol

  • Yes , but it's not necessarily an urge , I just feel happy making him happy. However , I was wondering how pleasurable is it to you guys ? How does it feel ? Does it feel different than having your penis touched ?

    • It feels different. I guess it's comparable to getting your boobs stroked, but of course I couldn't say for sure.

      The extra stimulation just helps.

    • the head and shaft are more sensitive. the head is like a women clit.

    • It's kinda like a ticklish relaxing feeling to me

  • Yes, it's all part of making him feel good. I like to hold them and I like to suck on them when I give him head.

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