Do dominant women like to have their feet kissed, licked etc.

Because my last girlfriend was pretty dominant and always made me worship her feet and she said she liked it because it was like the most submissive thing I could do so anyway are all dominant girls like that?


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  • I wouldn't like that.

    • For the guy to be dominant, yeah.

    • Do you like dominance?

What Girls Said 2

  • nah, that's just her particular fetish.

  • I like to be dominant, but not like that. I think she must have had some sort of fetish.

    • Hmm yea that makes sense lol

    • I like to be dominant. I don't like to be degrading.

    • Maybe, so you don't think you'd be into that at all? Because that does kinda fit into the whole dominance thing I thought so anyway lol

What Guys Said 2

  • How did you disappoint her?

  • So I guess it's safe to assume she turned you into a foot-licker. You filthy ghoul!

    • ; - )

    • Good one