Why do guys think black women are "size queens"?

it seems to me that many white men think that black women won't date them or like them because they are either size queens or are used to larger sized black guys. for those who think this why do you? do you get this stereotype from p*rn?


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  • who the f*** cares? I don't want those types of guys anyway. I've never met a normal, cute, intelligent white guy in real life who used the term size queen, or obsessed over penis size like the guys here do. I highly doubt these guys whining about it are the guys you would actually want to date in real life.

    now I think some white guys are insecure about the whole hung black guy thing, though. stereotypes and prejudice and such. there are white guys who don't give a sh*t though.

    I don't think too many attractive white guys who like black girls are here on gAg. Most of the guys here aren't too into black girls and/or are not attractive. that's my honest opinion. I just think its important to like not let this website skew your perception of men in reality because this isn't a good representation of the general male population, imo. then again, we all have different tastes. this could be the crowd that you want to attract, and that's absolutely fine. I'm just being honest.

    to answer your question, white people have been stereotyping black sexuality for centuries. this goes back to slavery, for America at least. there were your bucks, mandingos, and jezebels. these stereotypes have stayed with us in one form or another. p*rn today may help perpetuate those images. a lot of p*rn, especially interracial p*rn, is incredibly racist by nature, so it definitely plays on those stereotypes and centuries old fears-turned-modern day fantasies, like the wild, animalistic, black guy with huge d*** and ravenous sexual appetite overtakes vulnerable, attractive, white girl. the same goes for the wanton, black whore. if you do your research about caricatures of african Americans in slave society, stemming from white slave masters fears, and their attempts to justify treatment of slaves as well as to set examples to teach other slaves how to behave, you'll see a lot of the stereotypes of black people today. in some ways, despite tremendous legal triumphs and relative acceptance, very little has changed in the way of how black people are viewed in society. it also doesn't help that "black music" such as conventional rap and hip hop does nothing to combat those stereotypes. in fact, it feeds on them in a way. and coincidentally the people up top in the rap/hip hop industry are white men, and the audience that provides the vast majority of the record sales for this industry are white adolescents and white young adults, white adults. So...logic would tell us that if white people are watching these music videos, listening to music that also contributes to negative stereotypes of black people, AND they exist in a society that has carried stereotypes from black caricatures into the 21st century, then they are going to have their views/prejudices shaped. this includes perceptions of black sexuality, among many other things. also society is still pretty segregated. not all white guys believe the penis thing, but may believe the size queen thing.

    anyway that's my 2 cents.

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      calm the hell down! its just a question. I don't give a f*** what people think or what they prefer. I know what I prefer and that's all that matters. I'm just wondering what makes them preceieve this dumb steretype that we are all like this.

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      calm down? lol I'm just giving you my opinion.

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      lol I know its all good girl :)