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Why did he want to give me a hickey?

I've been on four dates with this guy. I told him that I've never had a hickey before, and last time we made out he gave me one. I didn't really like... Show More

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  • Because some guys actually do find hickeys sexy. Some girls too. I agree with you that hickeys are pretty tasteless, which is why it should never be above the neckline since that is impossible to hide without a scarf or turtleneck, which just screams 'hickey coverup' if it isn't freezing outside. Though there is another way to look at hickeys in a positive light, especially if they are in easily conceable places.

    So, one way to look at it is you are seeing your mark on someone else. You look at his hickey and think "I did that to him, I left my mark on him", and he can look at his hickey and think of you every time he sees it. It's like a little constant reminder of the other person throughout the day.

What Guys Said 4

  • Usually when we are making out with a girl and she tells us she doesn't like something we like teasing them. Sometimes its cute when the girl gets annoyed. Also giving a hickey is sexy, if you are the giver. Give your man a hickey and you will enjoy. If you seriously don't like hockey's give him a hard hickey and tell him that this is how you feel when gives you hickey. Make up a reason like it hearts you.

  • its the homo sapien sapien male equivilant of peeing on tree for dogs

  • Girl did that to me as a way to push away any other girl. A bit pathetic imo.

  • So he can mark his territory. So other guys will see it a not ask you out.

What Girls Said 4

  • -He wanted to mark his theory (let it be known to other guys that you have a man) depending where he put it (ex. neck) - then this is very possible.

    -He wanted to give it to you because you never had one.

  • well, he wanted to be d first to give you a hicky, he wants to be sure you don't cheat see a hicky is a love mark, or he is just one of those guys that love to vamp.

  • I guess he wanted to leave a mark on you and he thinks they're sexy. I wouldn't let someone intentionally give me a hickey. They're not attractive to me at all.

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