Lightening the areolas with a bleaching cream?

Will using a skin lightening cream with 2% Hydroquinone help lighten the areola?

The one I have is called Genuine Black & White, 2% Hydroquinone.

Yes I know you do not care about color or size or you magically love dark or big areolas but that's not my question. I care about the color. I unfortunately have dark areolas and my chest area is quite a bit lighter than the areolas


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  • A 2% Hydroquinone solution will probably lighten your areolas. Generally speaking, any skin lightening cream would also lighten your areolas.

    I need to warn you that Hydroquinone is banned in several countries in Europe and that the FDA says that it may increase the risk of skin cancer.

    There was one experiment that used a combination of several treatments to lighten the color of the areola and nipple. You can read about it here: link

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      I wouldn't use it, but it's your body!

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      it won't work... its not going to work for normal varations of your skin tone. your areola color is going to stay the same. no point in investing money into something that's not going to work. just be happy with what you have.. its gonna be with you for life