Girls, Have you ever been "used" by a guy?

For sexual purposes? It seems like almost every single girl I talk to claims they have been used by a guy.


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  • How can you get used by doing something that is mutually pleasurable? You mean have girls ever had some mutual pleasure, but then wanted something else from a guy and never got it, but then that would sound ridiculous, just like the idea that women are doing a guy some kind of favor by having sex with them

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      In my case its ONLY when HE wants sex if I want some he's like neeeh and that sucks

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      No one is forcing you to have sex if you don't want too or feel like it's unfair, I think it should be fair and if a girl wants to have sex the guy should do their best to f*** her but YOU are the one that is dating this guy, no one is tying your hands together (which is probably the problem)