Girls, Have you ever been "used" by a guy?

For sexual purposes? It seems like almost every single girl I talk to claims they have been used by a guy.


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  • How can you get used by doing something that is mutually pleasurable? You mean have girls ever had some mutual pleasure, but then wanted something else from a guy and never got it, but then that would sound ridiculous, just like the idea that women are doing a guy some kind of favor by having sex with them

    • In my case its ONLY when HE wants sex if I want some he's like neeeh and that sucks

    • No one is forcing you to have sex if you don't want too or feel like it's unfair, I think it should be fair and if a girl wants to have sex the guy should do their best to f*** her but YOU are the one that is dating this guy, no one is tying your hands together (which is probably the problem)

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  • Guys have attempted to use me for sex, but I'm a virgin. I have had guys lie on me and say they slept with me anyway, which is almost as bad.

    I've been used for attention, like flirting with me to make another girl jealous (I realize that happens to guys too)

    I've been used to fill up a guy's roster, like when one girl won't go out with him he'd call me to pass time (that happens to guys too)

    I think girls can be used for sex because I've seen some guys fake an entire relationship and actually get into a relationship with the girl when the whole time they didn't care about her and just wanted sex. It does happen. That is when I consider a girl to have been used. But if you just f*** a guy that you went on a couple dates with and he never called you again, that's different

  • Women usually say this when we have feelings for the guy and it isn't mutual. Because it's hard for us to separate our hearts from our vaginas (especially when we're young), we can have a hard time accepting that its not the same for a lot of guys. You're much better at keeping the emotions out of it if you want to, IMO.

  • Any girl that says that, is in the wrong themselves. They let that be done, they chose to stick around. I've seen it happening to me when I don't want it to and I stop talking to the guy, it's really a simple solution, girls just tend to crave attention, just as most humans do. It's a matter of letting that get the better of you. I've used guys for sexual purposes, but only when it's a mutual using. Everyone has a choice, whether they take that choice or not is up to them; the face is, many don't like to accept it themselves that they could have stopped it.

    • yeah I know that's the sad part for me =/ I let it happen don't get me wrong I'm 29 and I'm happy that I'm having a baby the guy is the one that I don't know what to do with him

  • Probably yes. Maybe we were using each other though. He was being a d*** but I kept going back each time

  • Nope!

    If a girl willingly has sex with someone whom she is not in a loving, committed relationship with and the sex was consensual(not rape), she was not used.

    I am so over girls claiming to have been used. If you truly viewed sex as sacred in the first place you wouldn't lay with someone you aren't in a committed relationship with so don't cry wolf when the results do not come out the way you wanted. Even if he's telling you how much he likes you or how sexy you are or that he loves you, if he won't commit or isn't already committed to you then that's a big ass red flag that you shouldn't expect anything out of sex.

    If it's consensual, you weren't used so get over it and move on.

    Girls need to learn to take responsibility for their actions and quit blaming guys for their irrational decisions.

  • neverrrr! :)

  • Yes, or feels like it, been roommates w this guy for a year been helping him to pay rent when ever he brakes up w a girl friend he looks for me to have sex, or if he's drunk he does the same, now I'm pregnant (same guy) and the thing he says is your the only female I trust to have a kid, your gonna be a great mom your responsible and love kids but when ot comes to relationship btwn us ... No sex sense I got pregnant (2 months) I've tried everything he's fetishes and telling him what I wanna do to him and nothing he feels "sick" when ever I try to have sex with him. And now he's making plans to go out with this girl that's his crush for the longest time cus she's xtreamly HOT... that's what he said to me 2 months ago...

    • Why would you let him do that?

    • cs I think people can change and if I keep trying he will notice me in a good way and I could be happy w the guy I like

  • many girls would say several times if they knew me. But I only consider one of them using because he was my high school first "love" and he really toyed with me emotionally and physically. To me that is being used. Other guys were more honest.

  • Nope I have not

  • I have not been used for sexual purposes in person. I've been used for sexual purposes online though. That's for sure.


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  • they just say that to absolve themselves of responsibility

  • Well, I think it's not only girls who get used! And yes, it is possible to get used -- when one party of the equation doesn't want it as much, and the other somehow cons the first into having sex!

    Actually, I've had one equation or two, where I've felt equally "used". My partner/s was more highly sexed than me. Instead of forcing or coercing me (as guys would do), she just sweet-talked and flattered me into having sex... when she needed it.

    So I think it could happen to a guy too, though not that often. Now things are changing however.