My girlfriend said she gets turned on watching guys get humiliated in gay p*rn. Do most girls agree?

Last week my girlfriend and I watched 3 videos in her gay p*rn collection. She likes to watch guys get humiliated (forced to suck cock/domination wrestling/raped). I have not got the slightest idea why someone would want to see such things. She watches only gay domination/humiliation p*rn. I would like to know if any women out there can explain this to me? We are both deeply in love with each other. But now when I see her I feel like I don't even know her. I spoke to a woman friend of mine about this, and she said that women who watch gay p*rn are trying to hurt men as viciously as they can. Is this true? Does that mean she is also trying to hurt me? I knew she has a thing for guys fighting, but now I see it differently.

Why do women watch this stuff? I am really looking for women's answers.


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  • I don't watch it, but just because she does, doesn't mean that she wants to act on it. It may be just a fantasy, like the rape fantasy. There's nothing wrong with engaging in dominance/humiliation or role playing if that's what both partners are into. Also, some women are turned on by gay males like some men are turned on by lesbians.


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  • I figure to each his own, but personally gay men do nothing sexually attractive for me. I don't know whether I am a puss or what, but I don't like to see this forced dominance thing with any kind of couples or groups. Only time I can see this kind of stuff is when the conscept is that they are role playing.

    It irritates me to see guys in p*rn shoving their penis in a girls or guys mouth then slapping the face or slapping a girls ass continually when acting or actually being mean to her.

  • Um your girlfriend is just weird. First of all I am not turned on by gay p*rn. Second of all I'm not turned on by ANYONE being humilated/raped I think its sick and wrong. Ur girlfriend is just an oddball

  • The humiliation I don't get 0.o.. but the dominance I do.. Getting a person to WILLINGLY do what you say is a turn on for me also it makes me feel powerful, but making them do things that he is reluctant to do is just cruel.. As for the gay part homosexual p*rn is a little taboo, Men won't generally put themselves out like that like women will.. It's kinda of a this is naughty how fun complex.. I understand most strange fetishes and sexual preferences but I don't get humiliation? Someone would need to explain that to me also.

  • Every kind of gay or lesbian p*rn is a turn off for me,

    and she may be/get quite excited about forcing you to do some of those stuff she likes to watch.

  • erm I don't get it either sorry lol howver I don't get the vibe that she is trying to hurt you either its just that its a strange interest. definetlty talk to her about it if your worried I hope this helped! :)

  • you watch what turns you on. the same reason guys LOVE p*rn that humiliates and degrades women.

    personally, I don't watch gay p*rn. I watch lesbian p*rn and straight p*rn, that's it.

  • I like some of that to a degree. It's exciting in a way. I read somewhere that the most common sexual fantasy amongst girls is a rape like domination scenario. But if it bothers you, you should definitely talk to her about it and ask her why she likes it.

    • I understand that women are turned on by male-on-female rape scenario... but why is she turned on by male-on-male-rape/domination? maybe it's an alpha male fetish?! she is attracted to the most dominant guy? maybe she enjoys the weaker guy's humiliation? I still remember her moaning like crazy while the dominant guy came on the submissive guy's face. he was forced to say: "thank you for cumming on my face sir." she was very horny and I can't get it out of my head! do you think she's sick?

    • No I don't think she's sick. And yeah I think its about the humiliation.

  • I don't even like gay p*rn, and I sure as hell don't like watching guys get humiliated. I don't see what's so great about it, but everybody likes different things. I wouldn't be too concerned about your girlfriends like for that. If it turns her on, it turns her on. Just be sure that she doesn't want you humiliated like that and she loves and respects you. I don't know if she's trying to hurt you, and I've never heard that before about people who watch gay p*rn.


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  • Imo, it seems like she likes to be the dominant one.

    I wouldn't think of it too much beyond that...but then again I don't know her.

  • Why do you think it is so strange, and then you jump to thinking it is some "man hating" thing?

    Cuckold videos are not at all uncommon.. And there are videos where a girl simply looks at the camera, tells a guy to masturbate, and then lick it up. Who do you think is watching those, if not a guy?

    What do you think it means when a guy watches a video with two women?

    Don't overanalyze. People are interested in all sorts of different things. If it is a big deal between you and your girlfriend to the point of sexual incompatibility, you'll break up perhaps, and perhaps she'll find someone who's interested in that, or perhaps it'll just be her fantasy.

    Don't assume based upon your "friend" that you know what's going on in her head.. but do tell her if you're bothered by it, so that she knows you aren't interested.

  • Maybe she likes the thought of being dominant. I'd talk to her about what she would like and see if you can come to an understanding. Maybe you'd be okay with some bondage and being tied up. I wouldn't give her the go ahead for a strap-on if you aren't curious/interested in that.