My girlfriend said she gets turned on watching guys get humiliated in gay p*rn. Do most girls agree?

Last week my girlfriend and I watched 3 videos in her gay p*rn collection. She likes to watch guys get humiliated (forced to suck cock/domination wrestling/raped). I have not got the slightest idea why someone would want to see such things. She watches only gay domination/humiliation p*rn. I would like to know if any women out there can explain this to me? We are both deeply in love with each other. But now when I see her I feel like I don't even know her. I spoke to a woman friend of mine about this, and she said that women who watch gay p*rn are trying to hurt men as viciously as they can. Is this true? Does that mean she is also trying to hurt me? I knew she has a thing for guys fighting, but now I see it differently.

Why do women watch this stuff? I am really looking for women's answers.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't watch it, but just because she does, doesn't mean that she wants to act on it. It may be just a fantasy, like the rape fantasy. There's nothing wrong with engaging in dominance/humiliation or role playing if that's what both partners are into. Also, some women are turned on by gay males like some men are turned on by lesbians.