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The craziest things to do in bed?

The craziest things to do in bed? stuff that would blow his mind

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  • Really depends on what your guys into...While giving him head, sneak a ice cube in your mouth and continue.Try a handjob in different postions, ( behind him, sitting with your vag. touching his dick ect.)Give him a rimjobDress up in naughty outfitsHave a 3someIf a 3somes out, talk and pretend as if you are having one, while giving him head, sex, ectHave sex with a girl and just let him watchLet him watch porn as you get him offLet him see how you masterbate when he isn't aroundHave him close his eyes and you describe a nasty fantisy of yours while you pleasur him Are any of these what your looking for or am I retard?

    • That helps thanks ^_^ ill use some of these

    • Outfits tend to be a success and they're fun to plan out. be a school girl maybe lol.

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