Do all vaginas smell different?

Do some have no odors? I smelled myself the other day and I smell very sweet, kind of like caramel or something. But then other girls have said they smell or taste spicy. So do all vaginas smell different? Is one that smells sweet bad?


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  • Food + hygiene + your body = different smells

    I don't see how anything that smelled sweet would be bad!


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  • Different smells come from different gals

    same gals different days

    Foods, hygene, etc. can put a spin on that ball

  • well lets just say when I go down on a girl if I smell or taste taco bells fire sauce I will be very concerned! But sweet is good.. just know it is hard to judge your own scent sometimes. I've never smelt a "sweet" girl but certainly have tasted one.

    • Really? Or did you have something sweet to eat before and it was an after taste? My ex always told me that he like the way I tasted but I thought he was just trying to get me to have intercourse! lol

    • Definitely NOT an aftertaste. infact at first it isn't the best taste unless you have done lots of fingering or such before hand but when the girl starts to come it can taste really sweet and wonderful. Better than cheesecake.. ehh.. probably not. BUT it is much more satisfying to eat out a girl than to eat off a plate :)

  • If you smell of caramel, quit the sugar.

    Or... Drink vodka. This can't be bad then lol.

    • I don't eat very much sugar though. My diet is very healthy because my mother is a dietician so I don't think too much sugar is the problem

  • my girlfriend's vagina smells like dicksweat


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  • I would have to say that they do. Have you ever gone in a bathroom right after someone else used it? I hate doing this because I always catch their smell and it's not pleasant and the person after me probably thinks it's me, so I stopped doing that. lol.

    • arent you little miss proper! I do know what you mean though but who is to say your **** don't stink.

    • Not saying it does or doesn't. I just stopped using public restrooms for that reason. I have the same reaction if I go to a store and someone has been on an aisle and were EXTREMELY musty, I steer clear of the aisle and that store for a couple of days.

  • everyone has a different smell and taste. some more stronger than others. if you have a strong bad odor most likely its an infection and not your natural scent

  • Nope there is nothing wrong with smelling sweet and vaginas can smell very different. It really depends a lot on your diet and water consumption more than anything. They say that eating a lot of fruits like pineapples can have this effect.