How do guys wear skinny jeans without their junk outlined?

I wear slim/skinny jeans and want to maybe start wearing something almost skinny ... ugh. Can't really explain. But anyway, with what I wear now, my junk is CLEARLY outlined, and I can't hide it without it being uncomfortable.

So how do they do it? Do they have micropenises or something? This is a serious question by the way...

I'm not sure if I should or shouldn't, but I feel uncomfortable when you can see my wiener just. THERE.


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  • They make pants for men you know.

    I mean come on -

    They're called skinny jeans for a reason - because they're suppose to function like a second skin and force your legs to look as slim as possible.

    You look like a bigger built guy - which eh - don't usually look really good in skinny jeans anyway.

    Usually the dude has to be able to wear women's sizes to look half ass decent in them.

    If your not a guy who weights under 110 ibs - please just burn your skinny jeans.

    All the guys I've seen wear them, sag them so far down, that they're pretty much not even wearing them. The fabric is bearly clinging to their knees - and it must be really freakin annoying having to keep pulling them up all the time. And I can't imagine if you had to start sprinting all of a sudden...

    Yea...this is the one fashion they should have just left for the girls and gay men.

    Dude - lets be real - your not a boy so it's time to go up to man sizes now.

    The actual pants made for men, have an elongated crotch area so your penis can actually breathe and have room to swing.

    Plus I don't even think it's healthy for your spermies to be so constricted up against your body due to the skinnies.

    Your killing your little soldiers :(

    • You might think that men's pants have extra crotch room and they might compared to women's jeans, but still the majority do not leave enough space down there. I'd say about 5% of jeans I've ever tried on leave enough room without being so baggy that I think back to the 90's and the horror that was jncos.

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    • For real @oOsweet~o~nessOo. I'm 5'4" 130 so I'm on the smaller end of the scale. I have to wear "relaxed fit" jeans. Little else will feel comfortable with the legs I've got.

    • @oOsweet~o~nessOo

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  • Well then get a little bit bigger size of the style and wear a belt, you can shop around and find a brand that fits you, or don't wear them if your front doesn't fit. The skinny jean is not always for everyone. Some girls can't always wear them because that back doesn't fit.

  • If you get skinny jeans that are specifically guys jeans, you might not have a problem with it.

    Try on a lot of different styles/brands and see if you can find something that works for you.

    But if you have a really tiny waist (and therefore have to buy really tiny jeans) and a penis on the bigger side, you might not be able to avoid the outline problem, haha.

  • i would reccomend wearing mens jeans, because...well...your a man :)

  • they wear them low so you can see their boxers :P

    • I've tried pulling my pants up and down, no matter where I put them, I can see it. Not even trying to brag. If anything it's average (TMI), but I can STILL SEE IT.

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    • then mah pants be on the ground! :[

    • You should probably wear non-skinny jeans, then. It sounds uncomfortable.

  • My guess is those guys are "growers, not showers" because a friend of mine is seriously almost 12 inches with nearly 2 inches girth, and he ONLY wears skinny jeans. I've slept with him, partly because of curiosity, and I've seen it. No one believed he was that big!

  • I think it works best if you're skinny yourself. My brother wears them sometimes, but he's so tall and skinny they almost look baggy on him. I didn't even realize he was wearing skinny jeans. They look pretty good on him too.

  • Generally guys that wear skinny jeans don't have this issue because over time their penis's slowly shrivel up and fall off along with the balls. They then lose their man card and slowly morph into females. Note that generally guys with skinny jeans also have long hair like women ;)

    In other words, men don't belong in skinny jeans. I think it's awful looking.


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  • Pick a leg and stick it down. Anyone staring at your penis is probably happy to see it so give me a thrill.

  • stick it between your legs

  • Relax don't be uncomfortable - you can get skinny Low Rise and wear your penis up with a tight tee shirt tucked in and let the head outline show in your shirt or don't wear underwear at all and let it hang where it wants and see the looks and smiles you get at the grocery store or mall - women and girls like to look too LOL

  • A lot depends on what kinda undergear... or not... you're wearing. If your rockin' boxers or running commando/freeballing... well the results are going to be about the same; your stuff is going to show... like fairly graphically... as in no doubt as to what folks are seein'. Some guys totally freak out with this "display" and do weird stuff to hide their manhood. I don't get that but everybody's different. Just depends how comfortable you are with yourself, your body and your level of paranoia (*everybody* is staring at my cock outline... psst, not really).

    Your junk's more likely to show wearing stretchy skinny jeans (like Levis 510's or any HotTopic skinny jeans) since they're more accommodating... more form fitting... which is not the same as tight-fitting. If this sorta thing really bugs you then best to stick with slim/skinny jeans made of 100% cotton and score some briefs or boxer briefs. Get the styles with some sort of "pouch" to cradle your balls and cock... not to mention they can be very comfy. The end result? You'll potentially show a nice bulge versus an obvious outline. If that's still too freaky then buy some y-front "tighty whities". You can always hide under the tails of a button down shirt, a long fitting polo or Tee... at least 'til you get the courage to realize it's "their" problem not yours. Or just go back to wearing loose baggy-@$$ fat boy jeans.

  • The whole point of wearing skinny jeans is to show off your wang. So don't worry about it.

  • Just stuff them so it looks like you have fat thighs instead