How do guys wear skinny jeans without their junk outlined?

I wear slim/skinny jeans and want to maybe start wearing something almost skinny ... ugh. Can't really explain. But anyway, with what I wear now, my junk is CLEARLY outlined, and I can't hide it without it being uncomfortable.

So how do they do it? Do they have micropenises or something? This is a serious question by the way...

I'm not sure if I should or shouldn't, but I feel uncomfortable when you can see my wiener just. THERE.


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  • They make pants for men you know.

    I mean come on -

    They're called skinny jeans for a reason - because they're suppose to function like a second skin and force your legs to look as slim as possible.

    You look like a bigger built guy - which eh - don't usually look really good in skinny jeans anyway.

    Usually the dude has to be able to wear women's sizes to look half ass decent in them.

    If your not a guy who weights under 110 ibs - please just burn your skinny jeans.

    All the guys I've seen wear them, sag them so far down, that they're pretty much not even wearing them. The fabric is bearly clinging to their knees - and it must be really freakin annoying having to keep pulling them up all the time. And I can't imagine if you had to start sprinting all of a sudden...

    Yea...this is the one fashion they should have just left for the girls and gay men.

    Dude - lets be real - your not a boy so it's time to go up to man sizes now.

    The actual pants made for men, have an elongated crotch area so your penis can actually breathe and have room to swing.

    Plus I don't even think it's healthy for your spermies to be so constricted up against your body due to the skinnies.

    Your killing your little soldiers :(

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      You might think that men's pants have extra crotch room and they might compared to women's jeans, but still the majority do not leave enough space down there. I'd say about 5% of jeans I've ever tried on leave enough room without being so baggy that I think back to the 90's and the horror that was jncos.

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      For real @oOsweet~o~nessOo. I'm 5'4" 130 so I'm on the smaller end of the scale. I have to wear "relaxed fit" jeans. Little else will feel comfortable with the legs I've got.

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