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What does "finish" mean?

What does it mean for a guy to "finish"? I don't really understand.

oh ok, I didn't know it meant orgasm. I thought that probably meant to, like, "finish" orgasming.

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  • Finishing is important. It means to come but it could also mean to finish a sex session "cum on her face" or get off somehow. In terms of blow jobs, finishing for me means coming in her mouth and her swallowing. I don't bust on her face unless she asks me, which some girls enjoy. Some guys I know only like to come on a girls face. I know girls don't believe this but some girls like to feel dirty in a naughty but nice way. You are under 18, so I'd practice this stuff a little bit because it is important in relationships to please a guy sexually. He will be so much better to you and adore you if you can get him to finish often.

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