Girls: Are you okay with a stranger jacking off to your profile pictures?

Basically, a guy went to my profile on here, and hit me up, saying he "couldn't wait to use" my pictures. And he hasn't "released" in a long time. Then he said most girls would find it a compliment and like knowing that there picture got a stranger hard.

I feel that I would only be complimented when my boyfriend or a boy I was crushing on did it, not a stranger. Opinions?

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  • Yea, I like when strangers get hard and jack off looking at my profile pics
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  • Only okay if my boyfriend rubs one out to my pictures
    60% (18)2% (1)27% (19)Vote
  • I just wanna see the answers
    17% (5)88% (35)57% (40)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, guys have done that to me too. Most of them ask, or try to get me to "ok" it by telling me how hard it made them, but it really creeps me out. They probably do it anyway though...

    There is no way that the picture I have up could be REMOTELY arousing, so that weirds me out even more... I just don't get it.

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What Guys Said 12

  • I'll be brutally honest with you, QA...



    ...for every time a "stranger" guy TELLS you he's jacking off to your pics, there's at least 50 other times a guy has done that and hasn't told you.

    This dude was simply so uncontrollably horny that he told u.

    • You are right, at least he was honest. Hahaha.

    • At least 50? That is over exaggerating. I've never gotten off to a stranger pretty girl's fully clothed profile pic.

    • It was a hyperbole. Chill. Haha.

  • It is creepy that a guy would just up and tell you that. I can understand the person's arousal, however, after seeing the pic of you wrapped in newspaper. I'd like to walk in to my bedroom one day and find my wife 'covered' in that fashion. :)

    • I HAD CLOTHES ON UNDER IT. God. You can even see the shorts kinda.

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    • While I'm loathe to defend someone who talks to you the way that stranger did, I should say that you shouldn't underestimate the power of a male's imagination. He probably wasn't simply looking at the picture and getting off on that, but also imagining what you would look like after he's able to remove the papers.

      Probably a disturbing thought for you as it is for me, given the fact that it's some unknown schmoe who's taking advantage of your image in a stalker-ish fashion... Food for thought

    • Yep, didn't want to imagine a stranger imagining that while wringing the chicken's neck. Yikes.

  • I'd be flattered in some cases, and just ignore it in others. It wouldn't upset me. It isn't someone I know or who knows me after all.

  • Man, he needs a gf.

  • Hmm, if a woman told me that I'd probably say thanks but I wouldn't really feel flattered. On here though, I only put up frog avatars and my profile is on private. So I don't have to worry about that. :)

    I did have guys message me on AOL because I put I like to give massages on my profile. That was a bit creepy.

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What Girls Said 11

  • why would he even tell you that? what a loser. I wouldn't feel complimented, I'd think the guy is a creep, perv and a loser. the only way I'd be complimented is if its a guy I actually like.

    i do think its weird to jack off to a profile pic period. you're fully clothed. he can't look at p*rn? that makes no sense.

    • Yea. I totes agree. F***ed up stuff hahaa. I sent him this link so HOPEFULLYYYY..

  • Haha I didn't realize this happend to other people too! It happend to me a week or so ago and I didn't know what to say cus the guy was like chatting me giving a play by play all the way until the...end I guess you could say. I must say I feel better knowing it doesn't just happen to me!

  • its something that I dont' want to know about its creepy, and if it was my boyfriend he knows he can get laid so ... that's creepy too

    • I just want you to know I don't find you the least bit attractive, you're actually more of a 4/10 but your bitch attitude and dislike of it has made me masterbate twice to you... cause I read your profile and my dick is not shriveled or hairy... it's 7" hard as fuck and clean cut

    • why should i care. you are insignificant

  • Sometimes I don't get with some of them.I mean they can see nude girls on p*rn why would they hit on girls here? I am not okay with that idea since you said he is a 'stranger'

    • He is a stranger, lol. Creepy as crap.

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    • OMG stoooop!

    • hahaaha OK =D

  • I said B.

    Man that would really freak me out, Eugh, you are right to feel a little weird about it.

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