Girls: Are you okay with a stranger jacking off to your profile pictures?

Basically, a guy went to my profile on here, and hit me up, saying he "couldn't wait to use" my pictures. And he hasn't "released" in a long time.... Show More

  • Vote A Yea, I like when strangers get hard and jack off looking at my profile pics
  • Vote B Only okay if my boyfriend rubs one out to my pictures
  • Vote C I just wanna see the answers

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, guys have done that to me too. Most of them ask, or try to get me to "ok" it by telling me how hard it made them, but it really creeps me out. They probably do it anyway though...

    There is no way that the picture I have up could be REMOTELY arousing, so that weirds me out even more... I just don't get it.

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    • Haha not arousing in the slightest ...damn weirdos

    • Yes, thank you, I agree

    • Yea you're definitely not arousing me