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How you do know he is bisexual?

This is a hard one. People pretty much can tell if a guy is gay, but not if he is bisexual... so what do you think would be signs of a guy that likes... Show More

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  • I think that true attraction would be pretty obvious to notice. Otherwise, there aren't really any reliable signs, from what I've read. More people seem to be bi-curious than actually bisexual. It probably has to do with the difference between emotional attraction (which would be considered bisexual) and physical attraction (which could be bisexual or bi-curious behavior).

    The only way to know for sure is to talk with the guy. Chances are good that if he is bi-something, he won't tell you the truth for a long time. There's almost as much stigma attached with being bisexual as being gay (or even more, in the case of men).

    That's my guess, anyway.

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  • Being bi as my as my old roommate and good friend used to say. Bi is just being able to have a deep emotional and sexual relationship with either sex. He is the only bi man I have known (also worth noting he was totally unwilling to have open relationships).

    Honestly if he is attracted to men you do the same thing as a man who is attracted to women. You fight for him or leave him.

  • Well I have say that I have concluded that I must be bisexual. I don't know to what degree. I have never been with a guy in any real heavy sexual act. I love watching bisexual porn (limited gay porn) and lesbian porn. I almost never look at straight porn. I would rather masturbate in front of the hotest woman than have sex with her. Why, because I want her to watch me enjoy playing with my own penis. I love some of the girls I have dated. They enjoy doing bi things to me as well.

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  • Talk to him. Does he look and comment on other guy's? If you are concerned bring up the subject casually.

  • Honestly I wouldn't even care because if he was BI I would respect his decision and be like you do what you have to do. Because that's your decision I wouldn't treat them differently because everyone deserves to be treated equally. If you think he is BI be like I have a question I don't mean to be rude but are you BI?

  • he has a bag wth his roll on, fface cream, toothbrush and cologn and he calls that bag his cosmetic bag. he's been in jail for 5 years and his friends seem to be like him

    is he somewhat gay

  • Well you could ask him... tell him "no offense but are you bi? I was just curious" he will answer you.. if he's shy about it he may start denying it but that would be the best way in my opinion.

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