Girls - Have you ever tried to pee standing up?

Girls have you ever tried to pee standing up like in the shower or in a urinal? if so, did you enjoy it?


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  • Yes I did for several times and I enjoy it.


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  • In the shower, sure. And in an outdoor urinal ditch at a festival in the summer, lol, but only because I was wearing a skirt. I have no problem peeing outside, I'll pop a squat wherever, but the only way I've successfully peed outside standing up was using a method my friend showed me involving a paper plate, haha. You fold it in half like a taco and use it like a funnel to keep it away from your pants and shoes. =P I think it's pretty f.uckin nifty, lol.

    • lol yeah who wants to pee on their shoes haha

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    • I was wondering when you'd find this. XD Bahaha!

  • wtf?

    peed in the shower and I didn't spread

    not like I care if its on me, I'm showering anyways

    it makes me happy! I don't have to wipe! less work :D

  • i think everyone pees in the shower, its just so convenient the toilet is so far away and you have to get so cold to use it.

  • No why would I go to the men's room for a urinal

  • It runs down your leg--not pleasant. But yes I have tried hahahaha

    • have you tried the "spreading the lips" technique? I read about it on the web one time.

  • I only pee standing up in the shower its whatever but not fun for it to get on my leg

    • it bothers you even though you can just wash it off almost immediately?

    • No the shower washes it away almost immediately

  • i have over a tolet an yea it felt cool

    • so did you spread your lips or did you just go? how did it work out?

    • just went an it went fine I don't do it all the time I just wanted to try it

  • very rare one time

  • Nope I squat

  • lol I did over the toilet lol just to see if I could ha ha no it felt strange and unnatural.

    • did you spread your lips or anything or did you just hover?

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    • nice. that's still hot. way to be adventurous!

    • lol thanks ha ha one time I was camping and I had to pee outside and it was dark and when I squated down a little weed went up my vagina hole lol isn't that so funny

  • in the shower yes it was quite nice actually.

    • how did you do it? did you spread? why was it nice? I've heard that women's orgasms are stronger when they pee

    • it was nice because its easy cleanup just wash with bodywash

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  • Girls can pee standing up pretty much like guys can.

    You just have to use both hands to pull your lips apart and back towards you (upwards, really) to expose your urethra, and maybe lean back a little bit. As long as your labia aren't in the way of the stream, you'll pretty much be able to pee in a straight line like a guy. This is very useful for rugged camping, or at undeveloped beaches and such.

    If you can't do that, there are various funnels and such, like the EZ Pee, or improvsed ones like cun7n1nja's paperplate taco to help. Still, I would recommend learning the "no accessories required" technique, in case you ever need it in a pinch.

  • i think girls pee in teh shower and sometimes standing over the toilet.

    the question should be did they pee somewhere outside standing?

    and did they pee with their panties on?

  • LOL! never get tired of Questions about females and their pee! You might find this interesting

    link I know females that can pee farther than me and some of them can aim just about as well!...(:

    • dude any more links or info would be great thanks

  • girls can pee standing up. when me and my cousin were little, she showed me that she peed standing up. it was like into a toilet and everything, and there was no mess either.