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Girls, have you ever had two penises in your vagina at once?

Was it more pain than pleasure?

Is this something you would ever consider doing, if you haven't already?

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  • Am I the only one here? I'd go for it if I knew the guys really well. Perhaps my boyfriend and another man we both trusted (however, I don't think he'd want to be this intimate with another guy around). I feel like it'd have to be a unique situation because I wouldn't want this with just anyone. I don't think it'd hurt if you took time to adjust, although I tried a cucumber once and that was painful. In general, I'd be interested to see how it felt. Oo and if they could alternate thrusting that would be amazing.

What Girls Said 11

  • I'd consider this before doing anal/vag doubles...yes! I think it could be hot... but it's not easy to find guys who want to 'rub swords' if you get my meaning.

    As for how, to those who asked, it'd be one guy at the bottom (obviously the well endowed one) and the other guy on top, you in the middle. It'd take coordination but it's possible!

    And the vagina stretches out to the size of a 6-8 (10lb baby in some cases...) so yeah, it's possible! No two d*cks are THAT big... lol. :)

  • Um, no. I don't think you'll find many women who've done this and aren't in porn. It frankly sounds kinda gross to be stretched out like that. I'm sure it's possible without much pain if you stretch slowly, but why would you want to? Yuck.

    But, I admit I'd like to try anal/vaginal double penetration. I just haven't had the right situation where I'd feel comfortable and safe with two men at once. I don't really like having casual sex, and I'm not sure it would be a good thing in a relationship... so I'm not sure I ever will. In the right situation, I think I'd enjoy it, but it might be too much stimulation.

  • Is that really possible? I wouldn't do it anyway. Ouch

  • Nah that's pretty weird. Especially because when your so stretched out...

    What would be the point of having sex after that crap?

  • That sounds like it sucks quite frankly. I would not want to do that crap. Must have seen it in a porn. Remember that those girls are getting paid thousands to do stuff they probably don't like. I personally wouldn't do that for the money, but some girls are willing to do weird shit for money.

  • Like hell no. I see there's a lot of sex freaks here.

  • that's gross

  • Oh my god two in one, how can that be possible ?

    • Consider the size of a baby's head. It's very possible.

  • I haven't done that, sounds like it would be more pain than pleasure. I personally wouldn't consider it.

  • yes, I have had 3 ;]

    • How is that even physically possible? To get 4 people close enough for that....it just seems impossible. I understand how 2 can work, but 3?

What Guys Said 4

  • I'm sick of all the garbage on this website. Grow up damn it.

  • no but it would probably hurt liek hell!

  • lmfao. I feel bad for the 2 guys who have to rub eachothers cocks together to get it inside the girl. LOL X(

  • Most girls can do two-in-one with average-sized guys. If you think it would be impossible with your lady, here's a suggestion. The next time you fuck, slide a normal-sized dildo around her pussy while you're already inside her. Many girls will slip it in the rest of the way for you. And it will not be an uncomfortable fit. There you go -- two in one.

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