Are you bi curious but won't act on it?

I find myself looking at p*rn that includes guys masturbating, or shemales/ladyboys, or even guys together. I know that I'd like to try some of these things, but I think I never will. I did a little experimentation when I was younger, but I'm married now. I hint at things, but my wife has no... Show More

  • Vote A No thanks -- I'm straight and have no interest
  • Vote B No, I think about it/watch bi p*rn, but have no interest in doing it
  • Vote C Yes, I'd like to, but think I never will
  • Vote D Been there, done that -- I'm "out" as gay/bi

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm bi and I plan to act on it one day. I just haven't had an opportunity. I wish I could. I come off as straight and I look at lesbian p*rn all the time. When I was younger, it was just fantasy but now that I'm older, I want to make it a reality for myself. It's a bit hard for me because I live at home with family and its a pretty religious family. But I plan to move out soon and who knows.

    I think you should maybe so on a business trip or travel on your own and go to a gay bar and see what happens. That way you can see who you want to hook up with and make sure to use a condom. Or make a friend at the bar and get tested together and promise to hook up afterward and have a one night stand and have that be it to appease your curiosity. U're lucky because most gay male hookups can operate on a purely sexual level with no intention of romance.

    • Thank you for BA :) I feel like we are definitely in the same boat but I hope one day you get to fulfill all your fantasies because you deserve to be happy.

    • Thank you...