Do all guys like to eat girls out?

I'm asking this because I have a guy who has told me he's never ate a girl out before. I have given him blow jobs many times and he loves it. I THINK he's never done it because he think its gross but that's just my guess. I know your probably like why don't you just ask him. But I'm too scared to ask him. I really do want him to go down on me so bad when were together, but I could either see him reluctantly say yea (which that's no fun-I wouldn't want the guy to do it if he didn't want to) or I could see him say no its not my thing. Its just that I even deepthroat for the guy and it would just be nice to get something back.

So what should I do? Should I, I don't know, dress super sexy and take the risk by asking him when were together or something? Or do you guys think its just a lost cause and he probable won't?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe he doesn't think it's gross. You said he's never done it before, he is probably nervous. It probably scares him to get down there and totally suck at it. Doing it probably scares him more than asking him about it scares you. I think you should ask. If he is nervous about messing up tell him you will let him know what you like. If he does think it's gross use a dental dam. Just get some saran wrap and have him place it over your vagina while he eats you, it's like a condom for eating a girl out. It's cleaner and less messy. It may not feel quite as good but at least he is meeting in the middle.