Do guys like girls to look at them when giving a blow job?

I've had a guy tell me to do it when I was giving him head but I looked away because it felt kinda wierd. He asked again later when I was giving him head again and I just looked away again because I still couldn't do it. Why does he like it? Did he see it in a Porno or something? Next time I give him a blow job, I might try it out and look at him but I have another question, should I look at him the whole time?

If you could answer all these questions that would be great. Guys and girls can answer and I would love any advice. Thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes we definitely prefer it. Not looking in our eyes all the time, but when it`s getting really good. When a girl smiles at you (with her eyes in that moment :) ) while doing it you just feel like she`s enjoing it too. And of course this is much better. You would like a guy to look in your eyes if he`s saying he loves you! (Sorry for the bad comparsion) Well, when he`s making love to you. The good part for you is that you can see how much he enjoys it. And that might give you some satisfaction aswell. But I can understand if you think it`s kind of weird.

    And...yes they do it in pornos.