Do guys like girls to look at them when giving a blow job?

I've had a guy tell me to do it when I was giving him head but I looked away because it felt kinda wierd. He asked again later when I was giving him head again and I just looked away again because I still couldn't do it. Why does he like it? Did he see it in a Porno or something? Next time I give him a blow job, I might try it out and look at him but I have another question, should I look at him the whole time?

If you could answer all these questions that would be great. Guys and girls can answer and I would love any advice. Thanks


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  • Yes we definitely prefer it. Not looking in our eyes all the time, but when it`s getting really good. When a girl smiles at you (with her eyes in that moment :) ) while doing it you just feel like she`s enjoing it too. And of course this is much better. You would like a guy to look in your eyes if he`s saying he loves you! (Sorry for the bad comparsion) Well, when he`s making love to you. The good part for you is that you can see how much he enjoys it. And that might give you some satisfaction aswell. But I can understand if you think it`s kind of weird.

    And...yes they do it in pornos.

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  • ya but focus mainly on being into what your doing look up at him every like 15 seconds or so...thats hot sh**

  • Each guy might have a different reason for wanting you to look at him while you give him head, but he should be more concerned about you being into what you are doing. Maybe he just needs to feel the connection of eye contact. I would prefer that my lover be more worried about making sure her teeth do not scrape the top of my penis, then her eyes locked on mine, but that is just my opinion.

    Good Luck


  • There's nothing weird about it. The girl who gave the best BJs used to look at me. She'd kinda smile this evil little smile and rub the head of my penis slowly against her lips while looking at me. Do it!

    • Haha cool I'll try it. :)

    • I know exactly what your talking about! I have a picture in my head of my ex, and damn that sh*t was amazing.

      Asker: Be flirty while doing it, look him in the eyes, rub his chest, play with his balls(GENTLY!) and if he's into rub his ass.... but be careful going down there... most guys freak out.

  • yes, we love it, but just don't stare at us because then it becomes creepy and a turn off.

  • I prefer it if she keeps her eyes averted and just gets on with it, with no sound, moaning etc, that turns me on a lot

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  • Eye contact is very important. It make all the difference in making the act a more intimate and visual one. BUT, as many 'experts' would tell you (and I agree), you should not hold continuous eye contact. Make it regularly and for 5-10 seconds at most. It's good for both of you on so many levels. Among other things, it is nice for the girl to look up and see the pleasure on his face. And for him, the same is true. When your eyes meet, he can see in your face that your are enjoying yourself too (hopefully you enjoy giving head). It makes the act more connected.

  • i like to look at his dick when I do and focus all my attention to it as if id die if he pulls it away from and look at him once in while with the eye that's kind of look like you're telling him "this is mine" don't steal it away from me...i didn't do this on purpose for him,ive been the same to my exes it just that one day after a year and a half together he came up with it to his friend on a hangout,one of the friends wife in the kitchen heard em say it and she told me..i think that was cute,i didn't know he was enjoying my personal ways...

  • look at him every now and then

  • Let me tell you how you can do this...Have him sit on the edge of the bed and get on your knees in between his legs. That gives you a good position to look into his eyes while you're doing it. I have had guys just melt because they're watching me do it while I'm looking at them and I'm letting them know that I'm loving every minute of it, I'm not rushing and not shying away from it. Show him that you're confident by looking right into his eyes every few minutes and he'll love it. You don't have to hold your gaze, just look up and watch for his reaction which should get you excited too. (dont forget to smile)

  • I very much enjoy it. lol here's my question...

    click the link below.


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