How do I get her to do anal?

how do I get my wife of almost five years to try anal. I know she would like it if she tried it. I have asked I have begged like guys do lol and nothing she won't budge. she has never done it before and I don't want her to be sacred to do it. I just want her to try it once and if she likes it then so be it if not then we never do it again ever and I won't ask again. so any help or tips lol. and none like get her drunk Because she don't drink like that for me to get her drunk. also I am adding a poll to this question to see how many women like anal and how many dont.

  • Vote A Love anal
  • Vote B Hate anal
  • Vote C Feels good sometimes
  • Vote D Never feels good
  • Vote E Have not tried so can say
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Most Helpful Guy

  • don't "Get her" to do anything if she doesn't want to. Just respect her wishes. Maybe once she'll be willing to try it, but trying to trick her or force her or guilt her will only be bad and really if you love her, just be happy to make her happy however.