Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom came off inside my vagina?

I was having sex, and he was wearing a condom but when he came his penis was still inside me. When he pulled out, the condom was off. I freaked out and thought he took it off before we started but he said he had one on. We were looking all over for it and I have no idea how or why but turned out the condom was inside of me. He pulled it out and it was all scrunched up, I don't know if any semen got out of it or not but is it possible to get pregnant from this incident taking place?


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  • Possible? Yes. Any time sperm is in your vagina, there is a possibility you could be pregnant.

    Likely? Probably not, but some precautions should be taken anyway (Plan B, etc.).

    It should be noted that an STD check might be appropriate, and that hormonal birth control is also a good idea.


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  • It's possible, but don't panic yet!

    It's not very likely, since the sperm usually stays inside the condom in this case.

    To be on the safe side, it's best to go and get plan-B. That would make it close to 100% sure you are not pregnant.

  • It's possible, it's completely possible to get pregnant even if the condom didn't come off - there's always that 1% chance. You should be using some sort of supplementary birth control as well.

  • Yes it is possible, if it came off inside you there's a chance the semen leaked out. I'd take something like plan B.

  • I have no doubt some little swimmers made it out so you might want to take the day after pill

  • Yes, it's possible especially considering neither of you seem to know when exactly the condom came off and given that it was completely inside of you.

    Are you on birth control?

    If this JUST happened you can go to your local pharmacy and get the "morning after pill" / "plan b" depending where you live. However, this is only effective for a couple of days after sex (the sooner you take it the better).


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  • It's possible to get pregnant even if the condom stays on like it should, since no birth control method is 100% effective. So it's a good idea to use multiple forms of protection at once (such as condoms and the pill, or condoms and spermicide). If it's not too late, I would recommend taking an emergency contraceptive pill, such as Plan b or Ella. Next time, make sure the condom fits correctly and keep an eye on it during sex.