Why do guys like strippers?

Disclaimer: I've never been to a strip club for women. It doesn't appeal to me, plus women I've talked to have told me it's pretty lame. I also don't like the way male strippers look, and I've been told that their shows can be gross. So I don't get the fascination.

Now, I admit I'm a bit insecure (don't bash me for that), being small chested and not very toned. I'm sure my boyfriend would like to go to a strip club now and then, since some of his friends go occasionally.

I was reading some questions about strippers, and guys said something like "Strippers can turn us on in ways our girlfriends can't", and things like "They shove your face in their boobs" or "You can se girls who have different bodies than your girlfriend", etc.

Exactly how much touching goes on? And also, How is it that they turn you on in ways a girlfriend can't? Does wanting to see other girls' bodies means they're better than your girlfriend's? Thanks.


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  • Guys like strippers because they give them what they want. For guys a strip club is a place they can hang out, drink, talk and they know they are going to be surrounded by attractive women. Also, the strippers give the guys the attention they want. As far as the touching goes, when your guy in a strip club you are actually not allowed to touch any of the girls. Doesn't mean they won't touch you or put heir boobs in your face or give you a lap dance if you pay them. In reality the strippers are always in control of the situation, and tell the guys what they want to here and tease them to make as much $$ off of guys as they possibly can.

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      I know, and understand that. But I hate the fact that some bimbo is putting her tits in my man's face. I don't care if she isn't really into him and she just wants money, I care about his reactions. I hate thinking he is living some crappy fantasy with some other woman. Because really some other woman's tits in contact with his face? That's not a big deal? Maybe I sound prudish, but I KNOW he wouldn't like another man, even if clothed on top of me... lucky him I'm not into it.

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      Of course he hasn't gone being with me but I bet he'd love to and he will have some skank put her tits in his face for his bachelor party. I also don't feel thrilled about the fact that these women are obviously more attractive than me. Of course they are. And that sucks... and all of this is so acceptable.

      I'm sorry, Will-724... please don't take all my ranting personally, I'm just in an awful mood regarding my tits.

      I thank you for being honest and answering without sugar coating, so +1!