Sexting Examples to send to boyfriend?

My boyfriend loves it when I tease him around with sext but I ran out of ideas lol any examples?


Most Helpful Guy

  • What girls do for me is make a name for my c-ck like a pet name, then when you text him ask him how are you? How is your (insert pet name for his c-ck)?

    It's a cute way to flirt and sext further.

    Find clever way to say things, instead of saying "i'm wet" you can say the syrup factory is up and running or something like that, be creative ;)

    So that way if someone accidentally reads his texts he won't matter because only you'll know what you're talking about.

    And then just obvious stuff like the girls said, tell him what you'd do to his d-ck and how you'd hold it, rub it, stroke it etc.