How many people in your life have seen you naked?

That you know for sure anyways. You might have gone nude and someone saw you without you noticing. :-P

If you don't know the exact number than estimate. Also were they mostly guys or girls?

For me I think its about 5 or 6 people. Guys and girls


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  • 2 people. And hopefully I will keep it that way :).

    • Lol two guys. One ex and my current fianc?. I never had a girl see me naked nor have I seen a girl naked.

    • 2 guys or 2 girls? or one guy and one girl?

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  • alot, lol. all of my gfs, so about 6 girls, not including in the locker room at school. and probably 12 guys have seen me full nude.

  • Five guys in all.

  • probably 6, guys & girls

  • Five.

  • i think I've seen 4

    • ohh, two

    • How many people have seen YOU naked though?

  • My mom. Myself. And this woman we were roomed with who just liked to walk around naked.

    • Oh! Fail. Well my mom has- she kind of changed my diapers when I was little. I have seen myself naked. And any creepers who happened to be walking by that one time I forget to close the window when I was changing.

    • So how many people have seen YOU naked is the question.

    • Lol no. But I've seen them.

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  • Abbout 10

    • Thanks for up rating :-) . Mix I guess mor guys

    • Mostly guys or girls?

  • In person, I've only scene one guy naked. I've scene a couple women naked because we changed in the same room, but I didn't stare at them. I seen a lot of naked people in movies, but I don't know if that counts.

    • How many people have seen YOU naked is the question

  • Besides family and people around when I was born, probably 4. Two guys (sexually), two girls (frolicked nude through a sprinkler on a dare when I was like, 11 years old).

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    • Nope :3

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  • Oh, man! I forgot to count! Aww...There was my mom, dad, the doctor, those nurses,...

    • Well, now...again, I'd have to remember, male nurses, female nurses, male drs, female drs, roommates, sisters, etc, then there were probably babysitters, I don't know how many of those there were! I was a sickly baby, in the hospital for 2 months at birth. God knows how many people say me naked then...hard to tell. I guess it's nuna

    • Mostly guys or girls?

  • well, counting from after adolescence, 3 guys. Wait there were group showers at summer maybe like 3 girls too haha

  • probably 10, guys & girls

  • i think you should have included ''except your family'' in this Q,cause,my answer would be about 10 people,considering that my parents,brother,grandparents,cousin and others have probably seen me naked you know. other than that,no one has seen me naked,maybe 2-3 friends have seen me half naked but those are just locker room slip ups.

What Guys Said 12

  • Aside from those who cared for me when I was in diapers, medical personnel, and junior high locker rooms, it's like seven, I think.

  • Quite a few, recently!

    • Almost all girls...

    • Mostly guys or girls?

  • 6 or 7 would be my guess. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, doctor, friend (when we were 9 or 10). Maybe someone else, but I'm not sure.

  • Tons of people.

    • Guys, no homo.

    • Mostly guys or girls?

  • *Coughs* I don't know and don't want to know, but five if I can remember correctly.

  • Jesus... Hundreds. I got down to my underwear in school, once, and a kid stole my clothes. I had to run through the whole school, almost naked, after this f***er, LOLOLOL.

  • I always make the girls wear blindfolds, so, to answer your question none.

  • Guys - don't know, don't remember, don't want to remember.

    Girls - Lost count.

  • Well playing sports theirs a thing called group showers, so too many guys hahaha.

  • Probably 10's of thousands. We use to weigh in naked for wrestling at some tournaments. I'll never forget the look on this one girls face that was in the room at a state tournament in Jacksonville. I went to weigh in and I was on the line between two weight classes, so I dropped my underwear without thinking twice to drop to the next lowest weigh class and her eyes exploded as she checked me out package. When I was finished weighing in turned I smirked at her kind of indicating I saw you and her entire face turned the brightest red. It was hilarious! =D

  • About -9

  • too many to count

    • girls

    • Mostly guys or girls?

    • id say hmm 50+

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