Girls, have you ever made a guy come in his pants?

One of my ex-es enjoyed doing this to me when the occasion presented itself. It was a little embarrassing but I still kinda enjoyed it. Just a little embarrassing to try and hide the wet spot (movie theaters were her favorite place to do this, she'd stroke through my pants). I'm curious if other... Show More

I don't mean premature ejaculation, that's accidental and more a cause of a guy just not being able to control himself at all. I mean like a girl purposely trying to cause that, or the result of too much teasing, etc.

Most Helpful Girl

  • it's kind of exciting to have an element of control over a guy, especially because you know he likes it too. I've done made my ex come in his pants over a dozen times, each time a little harder (no pun intended). I love making him feel good when he isn't expecting it (in a movie, during a boring lecture, anything really). when your girl does that to you, you should return the favor, it might take a little more effort, but hey, she might enjoy it.