Girls, have you ever made a guy come in his pants?

One of my ex-es enjoyed doing this to me when the occasion presented itself. It was a little embarrassing but I still kinda enjoyed it. Just a little embarrassing to try and hide the wet spot (movie theaters were her favorite place to do this, she'd stroke through my pants).

I'm curious if other girls have done this to guys before? If so how did it happen? Was it intentional? If not what did you think? If it was intentional, why'd you do it? etc.

And guys, has a girl ever made you do this before? If so, all the previous questions also apply just reverse it to your perspective.

I don't mean premature ejaculation, that's accidental and more a cause of a guy just not being able to control himself at all. I mean like a girl purposely trying to cause that, or the result of too much teasing, etc.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's kind of exciting to have an element of control over a guy, especially because you know he likes it too. I've done made my ex come in his pants over a dozen times, each time a little harder (no pun intended). I love making him feel good when he isn't expecting it (in a movie, during a boring lecture, anything really). when your girl does that to you, you should return the favor, it might take a little more effort, but hey, she might enjoy it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you want a really funny story. I don't mind telling it here online since no body knows me. I was 16 at this time too.

    Once I had gym shorts on and just a t shirt in school. This girl kept teasing me for like an hour. I was so freakin hard and in gym shorts it isn't easy to hide After a while of her teasing me in a way I ain't saying. We had to get up out of our desk for our next class. We got up and on our way out of the class she was in the front row. She reaches out to kinda of like touch my hand on the way out. She was just trying to get my attention to talk to me. Her hand was cupped and inside it I found out she just had a piece of paper with her number on it.

    When she reached out to my hand that was around my hip I just lost it. I freakin came a gallon in gym shorts...lmfao. I was already thinking about how I would like to do with her. Her hand reaching out to my hip area. I thought she was reaching out to my stuff. She turned so red and her female friends just giggled. My buddy just threw his bag down in front of me to hid it. I went to the locker and got my actual shorts I had there for Gym class and changed, but I was so embarrassed.