Where do girls like to be kissed, licked and touched?

And is there a certain way you like to be kissed licked and touched? What turns you on the most? Saw this question asking the guys and thought I'd ask the girls!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Every girl is different. Some even like biting (some even harder than others!)

    Though in the beginning of a relationship, sometimes riskier things are best approached once you're a bit more comfortable with one another.

    The trick is to try everything and watch (and listen) to how she reacts to it. You could also ask her what she likes too.

    Some things are pretty universal, like having a sensitive neck and surrounding area. But you'd be surprised at the range in which a girl's breasts can be sensitive. For example, I find my nipples aren't that sensitive to being licked until my boyfriend gets a bit more "intense" about it, and I actually find the area right underneath my nipple more sensitive. And I like a little nibbling. Not all girls could say the same.

    Feel it out and as things progress you'll become more comfortable to inquire about things and try different things. Just do your best for now, and remember that google is your friend.