Should I ask a girl to give me BJ or just let her do it when she's ready?

Ladies gimme your take on this!


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  • well my boyfriend and I went out for such a long time and I was always kind of nervous and scared to give him head. we talked about and I wanted to do it but I needed a little push in order to start. eventually, we were messing around and he just told me to put my mouth on it and honestly, it turned me on a lot hearing him say how he wanted it. I got more confident after that and do it without him asking. so just lead her into it and she'll do it.


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  • Well, it depends.

    Have you had sex yet? If so, it's fine to ask. Lots of women like to be asked (or told) to do something for their man.

    If you've fooled around but haven't had sex, you have to kinda play it by ear. Maybe drop some hints that you're horny. I'll usually give a guy a bj if it's been a few dates but I'm not ready to have sex yet. Sometimes it's okay to ask; sometimes it just ruins the mood and turns me off. I'd never be offended if he asked nicely and we'd been out a few times.

    If you haven't fooled around or been out a few times, you should wait until you have.

    It's always best if it just happens spontaneously, but it's okay for a guy to give me a push if it seems like that's not going to happen.

  • My boyfriend made the first move in everything so far. He asked to hold my hand, he asked to kiss me. So when we were making out one day he said "Hey do you wanna do something". And I Said "what do you mean?" (<--i was playing dumb, admittedly I got nervous, he makes me nervous lol in a good way) and he said "do you want to do something with me " and I said "what do you want me to do" and he said "do you wanna give me a blowjob". I would have never offered even if I wanted to cause I'm shy like that ;) I actually really wanted too ;)

  • For me and my boyfriend, it was my first time giving one. Period. And his first time getting one. We had talked about it before and I told him I would try it when I was ready. One night I was giving him a HJ and he just asked me if I wanted to try a BJ. I did and I loved it! He never asks me to give him one only because he knows I will do it!

    • What in the world is a HJ??

    • Hand job

    • Yeah my bad, it sunk in immediately after I typed that comment lol

  • if she wants to do it she will.

    dont ask her.

    its a turn off.

  • Hey man,

    so, you want to know how to get your girlfriend to enjoy giving you head, and stop looking at the whole thing as a “chore” or a “job?” Read on.

    There are a bunch of things you can do to get your girlfriend to enjoy giving you head. First, figure out why she isn’t enjoying giving you head at the moment. Why do you think it is? I’ll tell you why. You are behaving like a loser. You are constantly asking her for permission to do anything. You spend most of your time with her and you are slowly, but surely, killing your social life and confidence.

    When you have no confidence and when you believe that you couldn’t pick up other women, you start believing that you are a loser, and you start behaving in that way. Your girlfriend can feel that, and it’s not attractive. The more your girlfriend is attracted to you the more she’ll enjoy giving you head.

    So, a way to make giving head more interesting to your girlfriend is that you CHANGE your behavior by being more self confident and taking control of your relationship. This requires that you are more decisive, determined and dominant as a guy in your daily life. If you can be more attractive to other women as well, that will make you even more attractive to your girlfriend because she’ll be afraid of loosing you.

    The next thing you need to do is connect positive feelings in your girlfriends head to giving you head. How do you do that? The next time your girlfriend gives you head, position her in a way so that you can finger her while she’s giving you head. Install good feelings during and after a blow job. Moan loud, tell her how she’s beautiful and how great it feels when she gives you head. Encourage her to continue. Once it’s over, tell her how great it was, praise her. She needs to be rewarded afterward so she feels even better about it. This way, giving you head will be “worth the effort” for her, and, over time - she’ll do it FOR HER OWN PLEASURE.

    You can do that by properly brainwashing her into falling in love with giving you head and making her a girl with a more pleasing personality. I know this sounds crazy, manipulative, and maybe even unorthodox - but, it works. And, believe it or not, your girlfriend will be MUCH happier with her sex life once you persuade her to love giving you head.

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  • it's ok to ask.

  • well. depends on what type of girl she is. if she's all crazy and spontaneous <-- ( I can't spell that word), and outgoing,... she'll probably do it herself. but if you got a shy, " I won't do it unless he asks me cause I'm scared" girl... then you gotta ask her


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  • um ahh dude let her bring it up don't pressure her

    • What if she's really shy and wants to? but she won't ask cause she needs a little confidence?

    • Read the whole thread and all the answers, homeboy. I posted this question 2 months ago & it definitely helped the certain situation I needed it for ; )

  • Well if you asked and she didn't want to it would be akward after that so you should just wait until you know its the right time to ask or just let her do it when she's ready

  • Okay this move..guarantee you it won't fail.. When your hooking up with her..take her hand and move it toward your goods and I guarantee you she will give you oral..No always works

  • don't ask her, tell her. She'll do it. They always do it. There is nothing wrong with it. If she gives, makes sure she receives.

    • She's already recieved from me once so I guess I'm in the right here, huh? It's not like I've never had a BJ before, sometimes I just find it a little difficult to find the right time with certain chicks.