Im wet all the time..

Im always wet, and I'm not even thinking about anything to get me hornyy. Does this happen to any of you girls? and guys why doo you think its sooo sexy?


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  • Okay ready for the dumbed down medical explanation? (It's dumbed down out of laziness btw) Girls reproduction system is a 'downward flushing' system. The 'flushing' keeps everything healthy and clean. Could you imagine if all that stayed up in you? It'd be gross and it does happen. I work in an ER and the girls that come in for 'backed up systems' per say you can smell from several feet away. Nasty. Any how so part of it's that and part of it might be hormones. Everybody's different. I'm like that and I'd say most girls's another weird thing you have to deal with as a girl.

    • They get backed up?

    • Yes they do. Sometimes there are mystery blockages and such but when all that gunk comes out after being trapped up there fermenting and building up...nothing is as gross as that. Nothing. Every girl should just be happy that everything is flushing the way it should be. Maybe it's only normal for the weird crap we get at the ER but we see it fairly frequently unfortunately.

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  • Yeah, of course it's sexy knowing that a girl is so sexed up that she's wet. ha! You say you're not thinking of anything to get horny. So then maybe your subconscious mind must be working when your physical mind isn't. lol! You know how animals like dogs, cats, etc... are in heat during their times, maybe it's works like that for some girls. Just jkng on that last statement. haha!

  • its hot because yea it means you're ready for sex. its like a guy being hard. guys get hard randomly too. if a guy you really liked was hard that would mean that he was physically ready to have sex right? well anything sex related is hot to guys because guys are constantly horny so yea. lol. if only you were older lol.

  • Of course I think that's sexy because it means you're always ready. Would you like it if you're boyfriend was hard all the time?

  • Don't worry about it, but keep clean: wash round there and change your undies regularly.

    It's really sexy because it means the kok will slip in easily, and it will feel great. It also feels nice under the fingers and with the mouth and looks exciting because it looks inviting!

  • It just started happening to me last week.


  • if you smell okay down there it really doesn't matter. stinky crotch is gross

  • It's sexy because we think it means we're turning you on...although in your case, I guess it just happens all the time.


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  • Have you ever noticed that it happens more frequently during certain times of the month? We are animals and just like any other species our goal is to reach our maximum carrying capacity and stay out of extinction range --- we survive and reproduce to pass on our genes. Are bodies are primed to tell us when we are ready and fertile. Usually what you are describing happens when girls are ovulating, it is a sign that says "Hey! I'm ready to have sex! Lets reproduce!" Its completely normal.

    • I gotta do some research on that whole ovulating thing so I can know when to kidnap my girl on her lunch breaks...Thnx for the 101!

    • I thought it just meant that it was the time of the month when your body cleans it.

    • If you do that she could easily get pregnant. ovulation is the only time you can get pregnant during the month

  • Lol... probably about 50% of the time, I'm wet too. And yeah, it's mainly for no reason. Just something to do with hormones and your cycle, like there will be a lot more fluid around the time you ovulate and stuff. But apparently I get really really wet when turned on. And I also want to know why guys think it's so hot... this guy I was with once, he felt me down there, muttered "shit, you're so wet" and then pulled me to him and started kissing me really urgently. Obviously it turned him on... I just don't know why either!

    • Hmmm, so your wet 50% of the time? lol! I wonder if a guy had an erection 50% of the time, would girls find that sexy? ha! But you didn't tell the rest of your story. So what happened after that? haha! That'll telll how sexy he really thought it was. lol!

    • Hey, I didn't say it was wet that much because I was I said, a lot of it has to do with just different times during a woman's cycle... I'd say it happens to every woman. And I think the rest of the story is better saved for in private, and not for the whole world to see. ;)

  • Well, to touch yourself and be able to eagerly insert say two fingers and finger yourself and feel great almost anytime, well that sounds more than sexy, it's satisfying and we love to imagine this cause we know it takes place, a lot.

  • ugh, yes! I hate it, I feel like everyone can tell or I smell bad or something lol(: but I went to my doctor about it and she said that it just means that your body is telling you that you're ready to have sex.

    • Mine doesn't smell. Not even when I get it on my fingers and put it up to my nose..sorry tmi

    • What you ladys have to do is wear panty Liner not toilet paper and that will help so you can go on with your day and not feel wet the panty Liner hold the wetness like when you have a light pms.

  • it happens to me too! sometimes I feel wet discharge coming out at random times, and its not even around my period, and not even when I'm horny or turned on...its so does happen when I'm usually calm, relaxed or just happy for no specific reason though..does that happen to you too?

    • Yepp, it gets kinda annoying after awhile though, always being wet.

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    • Wow, how do you girls live with those things? lol.

      Don't get me wrong , I like em as much as any guy... but living with one sounds like a pain in the ass.