Im wet all the time..

Im always wet, and I'm not even thinking about anything to get me hornyy. Does this happen to any of you girls? and guys why doo you think its sooo sexy?


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  • Okay ready for the dumbed down medical explanation? (It's dumbed down out of laziness btw) Girls reproduction system is a 'downward flushing' system. The 'flushing' keeps everything healthy and clean. Could you imagine if all that stayed up in you? It'd be gross and it does happen. I work in an ER and the girls that come in for 'backed up systems' per say you can smell from several feet away. Nasty. Any how so part of it's that and part of it might be hormones. Everybody's different. I'm like that and I'd say most girls's another weird thing you have to deal with as a girl.

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      They get backed up?

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      Yes they do. Sometimes there are mystery blockages and such but when all that gunk comes out after being trapped up there fermenting and building up...nothing is as gross as that. Nothing. Every girl should just be happy that everything is flushing the way it should be. Maybe it's only normal for the weird crap we get at the ER but we see it fairly frequently unfortunately.

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