What's your reaction to a guy with an erection in public?

Okay, here's why I ask. I was recently, as in yesterday, on a crowded subway train. I mean it was REALLY crowded, people packed in like sardines. I was crammed up against a corner and this really attractive girl is standing in front of me with her back to me.

Eventually it was packed enough that she had no choice but to basically be pushed up against me. When this happened her ass was in direct contact with my groin... and despite my efforts to keep it down, the swaying of the train made it so she was kind of rubbing up against me and pretty soon I had a raging hardon that was quite obviously poking her in the ass, the way it lifted up it was almost prodding between her legs... and there wasn't really any way for me to fix it without drawing attention to it.

There was no way she couldn't have noticed, we were so close and the train was moving around so much it was practically like she was grinding me unintentionally. I was just waiting for her to turn around and slap me or something but she made no comment or gave any sign that she knew. Eventually when the crowd thinned out and she went to get off at her stop, she turned around before she got off the train, looked down at my crotch and just giggles a little before exiting.

So the question is, girls, how do you react to seeing (or in this rare case I guess, feeling) a guy with an erection in public? Do you look to see what he was looking at? Are you wondering whether it was you that caused it? Have you ever purposely tried to cause it? Does it turn you on? Does it gross you out? Do you just find it funny/amusing? etc. Any specific examples you can think of?

And what would you have done in the situation I described above? Because honestly I can't believe she didn't slap me or something.

Speculation about what was going through HER head is fine, but I'm also wondering what goes through YOUR (i.e. other girls') heads in situations like this where you've seen or felt that happen, or what WOULD be your reaction, etc.


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  • She probably thought she was the one that caused it and took it as a compliment lol. She also probably felt bad for you in a way. She's not going to make fun of you for it. Girls get turned on too, we just don't show it. She probably felt like she accomplished something haha.


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  • Seriously, for me - it would all have to depend on the guy.

    If you were pushing your erection onto me purposely, I would be very offended and uncomfortable. It would make me feel violated - and I would try to get away or slap you.

    But if it were very crowded, and you weren't making any obvious attempts to rub yourself all over me - I would be more understanding and probably even feel bad for you.

    As long as you weren't trying to draw my attention to your erection (like a perv), I would just endure it, what else could be done?

    Fortunately, I live in a city where everyone has a car, no need to take public transportation at all.

    • No, I was backed into a corner on the train... couldn't really back away any more from her. If anything, she was pushing into me, but I'm pretty sure that was just the movement of the train.I doubt she'd have been doing it on purpose, but then again, what do I know?

    • If that were the case, I wouldn't hold it against you. You would be some cute anecdote I would share with my girl friends when I got home - "OMG, the cutest guy got a BONER on my ass on the train ride home! Poor guy tried so hard to get away - blah blah blah."

      Is this something you'll remember forever?

    • It was indeed an experience. Can't say its an entirely unique one though. I take the train to and from work every day and it tends to be packed at rush hour... similar things have happened beore, although something like what happened yesterday, where there was no escape and nothing to be done about it, has not happened before.

  • It sounds pretty bad, but if you had been an ugly or unattractive guy, you would not have gotten out of that subway so unscathed. She was probably flattered, and that smile she gave you was definitely flirting/teasing. My friends and I call scenarios like this RIB's (Random Instances of Boners). RIB's happen to girls SO often (Namely at clubs, movie theaters, harmless sleepovers, and other areas that are badly lit or very crowded) that we are not at liberty to even try and be polite about it when it's displeasing. Sometimes it even goes unnoticed. The fact that she smiled means she was initiating part of it. Yes, it is a huge turnon for a number of reasons. You know that you can arouse a man without even meaning to, and it's kinda taboo for something like that to be happening in public. It heavily depends though, on the person who's getting hard for you. Women aren't totally crass y'know. We like feeling desirable. If a hot chick rubbed her t*ts against your back "without meaning to" would you tell her to stop? You probably made her day = )

    • Well, while I can sort of understand that, basing your reaction on the attractiveness of the guy in question seems rather shallow. I mean if an older or rather unattractive man gets a hardon without intent to... it seems like it would be rather unfair to give him sh*t about it. It's not like we can help it one way or another, just like girls can't help getting wet (albeit probably not quite as easy to make that happen). Nature just made it muhc more obvious in men.

    • Yes, but your question was how would we react, and that would of course have to do with our attraction to the guy with the RIB (lmao, I am gonna have to start using that term).

  • I guess it really depends on whether the girl finds you attractive. If a guy did that to me and he was attractive I'd feel flattered. But if a 40 year old man did that or an ugly teenager I'd feel sort of sick.

  • lol I would find it funny. just because it would be. she might be flattered.

  • I've taken crowded trains for years now. I hate getting rubbed on. It happens far too often and I'm pretty sure it's on purpose like 98% of the time. I'm not talking about when it's just one bump like when the train lurches or something. I'm talking about when the guy does it multiple times and stares at me but won't meet my eyes. It's so creepy and gross. I've always wanted to call the cops on these guys or sue them or something, but it seems like it'd be such a mess to prove.

    • :(... Well I can understand being creeped out or something if a guy is purposely rubbing up against you... I was trying my best to back away though... just didn't have anywhere to go...

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  • Maybe this was one of those few girls who knows that sometimes that kind of thing can't be controlled. I personally have never had something like that happen to me but if I had I would've just let it be, there wasn't anything you could've done unless you wanted to try and reach between her legs and try to get it out (now THAT might've gotten you slapped).

    I remember reading a quesion on here with a guy asking how women feel about giving guys erections, most of the women said they were flattered that they were able to get that reaction.

    But everybody is different.

    • Well I was primarily looking for female perspectives, but thanks for the input. Perhaps the girls I've known have just been more conservative.

  • What a great experience and especially the giggles afterwards.

  • I swear I'm not a horn dog, but that is an awesome story!

  • she probably was flattered, that she was able to do that, too bad you didn't talk to her, man, it'd been perfect

    oh, and I'm guessing she was wearing something like revealing too?

  • Awesome story bro.

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