What's your reaction to a guy with an erection in public?

Okay, here's why I ask. I was recently, as in yesterday, on a crowded subway train. I mean it was REALLY crowded, people packed in like sardines. I was crammed up against a corner and this really attractive girl is standing in front of me with her back to me.

Eventually it was packed enough that she had no choice but to basically be pushed up against me. When this happened her ass was in direct contact with my groin... and despite my efforts to keep it down, the swaying of the train made it so she was kind of rubbing up against me and pretty soon I had a raging hardon that was quite obviously poking her in the ass, the way it lifted up it was almost prodding between her legs... and there wasn't really any way for me to fix it without drawing attention to it.

There was no way she couldn't have noticed, we were so close and the train was moving around so much it was practically like she was grinding me unintentionally. I was just waiting for her to turn around and slap me or something but she made no comment or gave any sign that she knew. Eventually when the crowd thinned out and she went to get off at her stop, she turned around before she got off the train, looked down at my crotch and just giggles a little before exiting.

So the question is, girls, how do you react to seeing (or in this rare case I guess, feeling) a guy with an erection in public? Do you look to see what he was looking at? Are you wondering whether it was you that caused it? Have you ever purposely tried to cause it? Does it turn you on? Does it gross you out? Do you just find it funny/amusing? etc. Any specific examples you can think of?

And what would you have done in the situation I described above? Because honestly I can't believe she didn't slap me or something.

Speculation about what was going through HER head is fine, but I'm also wondering what goes through YOUR (i.e. other girls') heads in situations like this where you've seen or felt that happen, or what WOULD be your reaction, etc.


Most Helpful Girl

  • She probably thought she was the one that caused it and took it as a compliment lol. She also probably felt bad for you in a way. She's not going to make fun of you for it. Girls get turned on too, we just don't show it. She probably felt like she accomplished something haha.