Can you women feel when a guy cums inside you? (what does it feel like?)

Just wondering because I use a condom when I'm with my GF


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  • It's a little tough to feel since it's pretty wet down there to begin with, lol. I can feel the penis get harder right before the guy cums in me. And like others said, I can't always feel it happening, but it's more of a wetter, warmer sensation inside me as it happens. And after he pulls out, I can def feel it then. The times I can feel it (when he's like all the way right up against me), it's sort of like a rushing sensation? Idk, it's hard to describe. That doesn't always happen though! I hope that helps somewhat.


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  • They can't feel it. The only thing they actually feel while you're ejaculating is the pulsation of your penis.


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  • Um, you can't really feel the actual ejaculation as it's happening. All you can feel is generally the penis twitching, which can be felt with or without a condom. Afterward you can feel it though, it sort of runs out if you don't take a shower soon after. Not good.

  • i've never felt it actually coming out, like someone else said, you can't feel it shooting out...but I do feel extra wet (I mean inside, if that makes any sense?) and it feels really really warm. and you can feel the penis throbbing, sort of. and then like the others said, you do feel it coming back out too.

  • No, it's not forceful enough for a girl to actually feel it shooting, but you can feel it dripping after...grossss.

  • Yeah. Unless he's got a really skinny cock, I can feel the twitches when he's cumming. And most guys stop pumping when they cum, so I sort of know its happening anyway.

  • Like al the others.. You can't feel it come out but you can feel him, and after your wetter and it will drip out of like 2 to 3 hours after if you go right to sleep then the hole next day it will make its way out and its not fun.

  • for me its incredibly intense emotionally and physically... i feel my partners penis getting even harder! and filling me even more which I love the feeling of, then its twitching? as he cums and huge intense throbbing and loud groaning from him and me... explaining it emotionally for me is... hard to really.. it just feels so very very right? if we cum at the same time its like flying through space! almost as it we are connected by some universal electricity connecting us both through our bodies.. but also kinda out of body... this might not be so popular an opinion but we are very much in love and so I kinda feel "owned" when he cums... i am the woman he has chosen to love and breed with and he is the man i have chosen to allow into my body, into a very sacred place... i totally give myself to him... being in love is a different experience to just having sex... much deeper and stronger emotionally... phew! gettin hot in here lol:)

  • I usually feel a warm sensation and of course I'll feel it dripping out.


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