Can you women feel when a guy cums inside you? (what does it feel like?)

Just wondering because I use a condom when I'm with my GF


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's a little tough to feel since it's pretty wet down there to begin with, lol. I can feel the penis get harder right before the guy cums in me. And like others said, I can't always feel it happening, but it's more of a wetter, warmer sensation inside me as it happens. And after he pulls out, I can def feel it then. The times I can feel it (when he's like all the way right up against me), it's sort of like a rushing sensation? Idk, it's hard to describe. That doesn't always happen though! I hope that helps somewhat.


Most Helpful Guy

  • They can't feel it. The only thing they actually feel while you're ejaculating is the pulsation of your penis.