When was the first time you gave/received your first blow job?

I am thinking about doing it. I am 16 and jw when other people did it.

  • 12 and younger
    8% (11)8% (7)8% (18)Vote
  • 13-15
    49% (67)44% (37)47% (104)Vote
  • 16-18
    33% (45)27% (23)31% (68)Vote
  • 18-21
    9% (12)12% (10)10% (22)Vote
  • 22 and older
    1% (2)9% (8)4% (10)Vote
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  • I was 17 and licking her when she squirmed around and made it into 69.


What Guys Said 9

  • Not until I was married at 24.

    • I would also add that oral sex is not like a kiss. It is a serious act of intimacy and should not be done or received lightly. I would seriously recommend that you wait until you are ready for a more adult relationship with all the adult responsibilities and obligations associated with a mature relationship.

  • i will be 20, getting my first one, she's 19

  • Happen 2 days ago actually
    we are both 13 and we did it in the garage; -;
    She made me cum hard

  • i was 16 and she was 16.

  • I received my first bj when I was 16 from a girl who was 15. I ate her out a few days later.

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What Girls Said 16

  • Not till I was 18, I don't like doing it but there are worse things I could do. Beware of who you do it to though, it could get out so easily.

  • i was 14, he was 17. I didn't like it at all though, and I didn't start doing it again for over a year, when I was almost 16, with my current boyfriend.

    dont do it unless you aren't comfortable with it, cause then it just sucks. no pun intended

    • Whoops. unless you are comfortable. silly me

    • Sound advice from such a young girl.

  • 16 on both.giving and receiving. but not until after we became intimate and made love surprisingly. I'm still with him though. I can't see myself doing it to anyone else.

  • My first boyfriend. I was about 14 and so was he. I did it all the time. I loved my first one and every one since.

  • i just gave my boyfriend one

    (he loved it, said I was a natural)

    i'm 16 and had never done it before

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