When was the first time you gave/received your first blow job?

I am thinking about doing it. I am 16 and jw when other people did it.

  • 12 and younger
    8% (11)8% (7)8% (18)Vote
  • 13-15
    49% (67)44% (37)47% (104)Vote
  • 16-18
    33% (45)27% (23)31% (68)Vote
  • 18-21
    9% (12)12% (10)10% (22)Vote
  • 22 and older
    1% (2)9% (8)4% (10)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I was 17 and licking her when she squirmed around and made it into 69.


What Guys Said 9

  • Not until I was married at 24.

    • I would also add that oral sex is not like a kiss. It is a serious act of intimacy and should not be done or received lightly. I would seriously recommend that you wait until you are ready for a more adult relationship with all the adult responsibilities and obligations associated with a mature relationship.

  • i will be 20, getting my first one, she's 19

  • Happen 2 days ago actually
    we are both 13 and we did it in the garage; -;
    She made me cum hard

  • i was 16 and she was 16.

  • I received my first bj when I was 16 from a girl who was 15. I ate her out a few days later.

  • hey, just a heads up for all you young girls thinking about this---boys your age are terrible kiss and tellers. Suck his dick, and you can figure the whole schol will know it.

    There are exceptions among guys--I never told---but figure they will.

  • Was just turned 15 when I got my first blowjob from a girl who was also 15.

    I didn't give oral until I was 16 - nearly 17. I loved it. She would make me do it as she was half asleep and she would just groan and I would get so turned on.

  • I was 16, she was 14. She really didn't know what she was doing, and I'm really too big for that sort of thing. So she put the head in her mouth and I masturbated until I came in her mouth. She made a noise like "Uhhhh!" and then she swallowed.

    • Now, why did someone give me a bad rating for that? It's what happened.

    • I say we equal his rating up a bit. He's only describing what happened...

What Girls Said 16

  • Not till I was 18, I don't like doing it but there are worse things I could do. Beware of who you do it to though, it could get out so easily.

  • i was 14, he was 17. I didn't like it at all though, and I didn't start doing it again for over a year, when I was almost 16, with my current boyfriend.

    dont do it unless you aren't comfortable with it, cause then it just sucks. no pun intended

    • Whoops. unless you are comfortable. silly me

    • Sound advice from such a young girl.

  • 16 on both.giving and receiving. but not until after we became intimate and made love surprisingly. I'm still with him though. I can't see myself doing it to anyone else.

  • My first boyfriend. I was about 14 and so was he. I did it all the time. I loved my first one and every one since.

  • i just gave my boyfriend one

    (he loved it, said I was a natural)

    i'm 16 and had never done it before

  • I voted b

    I gave oral to my guy friend, he's a good friend he's my friend with benefits

    I was 14 and he was 16 ^-^

    but we did it for curiosity.

    still today are doing it

  • I was 14 when I gave my first blowjob to my boyfriend at the time, he was 15. That same night he also ate me out for the first time.

  • i was 18 when I gave my first blow job... I didn't really like doing it... but it mad him happy so I was like ohh well... now I totally wish I would have NEVER done it!

  • 15, and he was 17. I haven't received yet, it's a slight bummer. -_-

  • i was only 14 and I did it mostly out of curiosity.

  • i was 16 for both giving and receiving and I don't advise you to do it to just anyone wait for that special person I know it may sound lame but it pays to wait you don't want to give all your goods away to just anyone...

  • i was 16 and it was fun lol I do it a lot now =D

  • I'm 18 and still haven't done it...I'd honestly rather have regular sex than do oral.

  • I was 16, and I think I knew what I was doing more than he did!

    Personally, it didn't mean too much to me.. it just happened.. we've not even had sex yet.

    Just make sure you trust the guy you're giving it to, and make sure you're in a loving relationship!

  • i was 16 and he was 17.. he was my boyfriend for a year before we did it though because we like to take it slow and if we did it the first like 2 months we were going out it would've gotten monotonous. you should really trust the guy and shouldnt be going around going down on all these guys because people will find out and why would a guy want head from a girl whos had lots of other dicks in her mouth?

  • i was 14 and he was 17 and at the time it didn't feel like a huge deal till I went back to school and everyone knew about it ...it was horrible ...so don't do it unless you trust the guy