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Girls wearing a jockstrap

Ok. So I came back to my house an walked into my room and found my girlfriend butt naked trying on my jockstrap. Even though she was embarrassed as hell, I told her not to be Because I liked it. I'm not mad or wielded out by it Because I never thought about a girl wearing a jockstrap before but it's one of the most sexiest thing I've ever saw a girl wear. Girls: have you ever tried on a Jockstrap? Did you like it? Would you wear one if your boyfriend asked you too? Any other input would be cool

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  • Lol I have never thought of that :) funny. I'd try it :P

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  • I have never tried one on but if my guy really wanted me to then sure I can give it a try.But it would have to be clean though.

  • Maybe she wondered if it was compliment her ass?

    • *would

  • I have never tried one, and I'm not sure if I would ever wear one, but if my boyfriend really wants me to I'll probably say yes, anything for him :P

  • Lol. Maybe she was gonna dress up like you

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