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Do girls crotch watch?

like guys do, look for penis bulges or outline of a hard on check out his back pockets look at his butt, what do you like

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  • Two words...

    Heck yeah...

    • thanks glad you like to look too :0

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    • yeah I try to keep my abs and legs in good shape and tan in my speedo

    • Then you probably get checked out, lol.

What Girls Said 13

  • i don't do this

  • i'm more of an ass watcher :P I love a nice ass on a guy.

    • :)

  • sometimes I look to see if there is a bulge, makes me wonder how big it is haha

    • It's bigger when you're looking.

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    • Just meant that knowing that girls are looking usually arouses guys.

    • thats cool you like to look, sometimes I wear streachy lowrise jeans with out under wear and show my shape

  • I don't... that area isn't what attracts me (at first...of course when you're getting busy, that's a different story) ; )

    I'm an Arm, Chest, Back, and Hands girl ; ) Hell...I'd even take a guy with two toothpick legs as long as his upperbody is hot! Hmmm so sexy!

  • yes, especially in gym shorts and sweat pants. Jeans are too restrictive ^-^

    • thats cool to know, I think I have noticed being checkied out by two girls when I was at the gym wearing bike shorts with just a jock strap underneath and you could tell, but of corse when workin out there isn't a lot of blood flow there and a guy doest look very big LOL, hope they didn't mind

  • No I usually don't look there not at first anyways I look at the whole body then work my way down otherwise ya no.

  • Sometimes I do at random times because I'm curious.

  • Yeah I look for bulge & try to imagine how big it is.

    • glad you like to look, sometimes I wear streachy low rise jeans with out underwear so they are kinda form fitting with my d*** down my pant leg and go to the grociery store, and I know what they say about cold and shrinkage- but when I go down the refrigerated isle I start to get hard. once I got noticed and a lady was really checkin me out and I heard her tell another customer Look at that guys bulge, they followed me down every isle Obviously Lookin there and I got a full boner- I like it

    • Lmao

  • lol yeah

  • Yep. Check out front and back =]

    • Nice , we like being checked out as much as checkin out girls

  • hahah I just check out their bodies in general, and yes sometimes that invloves looking at their butt, but I don't usually look for a bulge hahh I just assume it'd be too hard to see anyways hahh

  • No, I don't usually. I mean sometimes I end up looking at somebody's butt because I'm walking behind them, but I don't seek out people's butts or d***s.

What Guys Said 5

  • yes, and they're a lot better at it too.

  • I'm an avid people watcher. I've watched women and where their eyes look. It's very clear that 90% of women look at the crotch, though most of them lie about it.

  • I know they do for a fact! My best girl friend told me about one she saw in shorts while on break in the library for no reason. I asked if she had checked mine out and she said oh yeah every once in a while! So yeah they look! Its OK because I look at her butt everyonce in a while too so there should be no problem lol.

  • If you're wearing a banana hammock or something similar. It's just out there.

    • Yea sometimes I do, hope you don't mind lookin

    • I'll pass.

  • Good question.

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