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Do girls like seeing boners in public?

Like if you walked past a guy and noticed he was hard, if he was sitting down or at the gym

Wat if he was workin out or walkin alone
WHat wouLd you do if you liked it would you go and talk to him or wat

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  • If he's attractive, yes.

    • Wouldn't make any difference...

    • Nope, I wouldn't do anything.

What Girls Said 20

  • no. I would stay as far as I could from that guy.

    • What if it came at you, like a heat seeking missile? O_o

    • I'd slice it off and say, "have a nice day." :P

  • I've never seen it in public but that sounds kind of hot.

  • never noticed one in public before

  • meh only if I knew it was because of me, otherwise I would just find it funny .

  • If I have some interest in the guy then I will notice, but if not I would´nt look at the boner. I guess I don't really care wether he has a boner o not only if I have some kind of attraction towards the guy.

  • I have only ever seen a boner twice in public the first time I freaked out but that of course was because I had no idea what it was I was still a virgin and I was playing around with on of my guy friends and the second time was when I was giving a guy a hair cut and just washed his hair and was styling his hair and I seen it for a split second till he grabbed his hat and put it over himself real quick I was actually flattered by it.

  • I am turned on by this when it happens to my boyfriend.

    If I saw a random guy with a boner.. well first of all:
    I do not look at other men's crotches.
    I guess that explains why I have never seen a random guy's penis through his pants.

  • If its a guy I don't know I'd probably lmao but think it'd be pretty weird/awkward hahaha. The size of the random boner doesn't make a difference unless I'm into the guy too ha lmao @ this weird question.

  • Ew no if it was just public and walking by a guy with a boner I would think there was something wrong with him. lol but if it was one on one or just me and one guy walking together or working out together then I would be flattered.

  • like most everyone said it depends on the guy and the situation

  • Ewww no haahaa. Exactly what TedStar said(:

  • I guess if it was caused by said girl it would be flattering.

    Would really depend on the situation and person involved.

  • Eew no!...the only place I want to see a boner is in bed! Cover it up!

  • Funny and strange at the same time...

  • not really but if he was talking to me on the side and there weren't other people around and it was from me that would make me hot

  • No.

    Even it was my boyfriend I wouldn't want to see it in public. I'd wonder what was wrong with him.

  • I'd feel bad for him. Boners in public can be really embarrassing and tends to be frowned upon, as you have probably noticed by the "ew!" comments. I'd hope there was some way to cover it up or that people wouldn't notice. I am so thankful I'm a girl so no one knows when I'm aroused lol.

    • more like mmmmmmmmmmmm not ewww lots of girls like it.

    • Haha some do. I'm more embarrassed for them. The guys I hang around tend to be more... gentleman than sexual lol and having a boner in public is definitly not chivalrous.

  • it depends what over and if they think your attractive or not. If you have a girlfriend then it will be an instant no. also no if your with loads guys at the gym and things cus it will seem quite gay as I said.your with loadss of guys;D

    • What if I'm shy and then I get a boner and I attempt to hide it but can't then my face turned red? :-(

    • I help why guy friends when this happens by just walking in front of them or making them hold my jacket or something, because I know that is embarrassing for them

    • Shameneyes, you're awesome.

  • Eww. Wtf?

What Guys Said 4

  • If it is from their crush/bf/husband and brought on by them, then they shouldn't mind. Anything else would produce a host of negative adjectives

  • i'm not a girl but I'm totally guessing no !

  • no unless its a crush or bf.

  • I wear padded underwears to hide the boners.only shameless guys flaunt it for attention

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