Sexual experimentation with siblings?

How normal is this? I've heard some people say they (when they are younger) have sexual encounters with their brother or sister. To me this seems really abnormal. But apparently it's not. What are your views on this?


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  • If you grew up in a household and society that approved of sibling sex, then you would probably do it and not think anything bad about it. But I don't know of any society (probably there are some somewhere) where that is considered appropriate, so most people would avoid that.

    Many cultures accept family nudity. Siblings see each other nude, but they still do not have sexual contact. They may have a sexual interest in a sibling, mainly because it is their first encounter with the opposite gender in the nude, but they usually don't act on that interest.

    In a society where family nudity is not the norm, there are still some households in which it is accepted. And even where it is not accepted by the family, the children may try to peek at siblings or even have mutually agreed sessions of revealing the body as a way to learn about the other sex (usually at a very young age). But a sexual encounter? Over the line.

    A comment on sunseeker11's response: A woman of 20 talking a 13 year old into stripping and jacking off is way out of line. It is a criminal act! And doing it with one's own brother is worse. I understand (somewhat) a 13 year old getting into it, although I would have expected him to have had an interest in seeing her naked and trying to get her to reciprocate, but he did not mention anything like that. But although his experience does sometimes happen, it shouldn't!

    Anyway, although it sometimes happens, it is not very often, so it is abnormal.


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  • Experimenting with a brother or sister is pretty common in early teen years. The reason for that is because most brothers and sisters tend to be very close because they are a family, they love each other, etc. and when they get old enough to have interests in the opposite gender, it is easiest to ask the brother or sister to help because they have the most amount of trust in each other. They have known each other their entire lives, and feel more comfortable with each other when it comes to this stuff.

  • I think that for the average person, who had a normal family life, this is not "normal." But, like with anything in life, you can't really explain why or how the things that happen to children effect them. Hopefuly someone who has experienced something like that is not dealing with guilt because of it. They did not do anything that was permanently wrong or "evil" or that they should be blamed for it.

  • i have a sister and the idea of "sexual experimentation" with her makes me feel sick. we've always been pretty close, but never in an incest way. I mean, baths together when you're toddlers is fairly common but to hit on a sibling when you're a teenagers is disgusting.

  • You'd be surprised over how common it is, most people just forget :P

    My older sister tackled-snogged me through my single digit years, yet she doesn't remember :O

  • this has never happened to me thank god but I heard it too that having teenage brothers and sisters growing up together their hormones go out of place and have those toughts but that's all they would be . so it must be normal? To think about id imagine.

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  • my brother and I experimented when we were younger. it started when I was 14 and he was 16. we let each other watch the other masturbate and touch a little. we never had sex though. furthest was fingering/hand jobs, and I gave him a bj once to see what it was like.

  • I couldn't do it with my kid brother

  • I don't know, it's pretty abnormal and gross. Maybe in the early years (3-4-5-6) before you know what sexuality is, but later than that it's just wrong.

  • I've had a bunch of threesomes with my bro and his girlfriend. We both play with her, but we haven't actually had sex yet. Closest was her rubbing his d*ck on my pu*sy or letting him come on our boobs. its fun, weird, but fun. I have 2 gfs that have sex with their bro pretty regularly. id say its pretty common.

  • hell no, I couldn't do it with my kid brother Dx