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What does an erection feel like?

I'm just curious, what does it feel like when a guy gets an erection?

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  • It feels pretty cool. It gets fatter and longer and sticks straight out or straight up to the navel. The underside gets sensitive and feels good when touched. It can be hard as a rock if really excited. And there is a strong desire to put it in the vagina. It also feels good mentally.

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  • It feels like having something hard and big that wasn't there just before, making briefs feel very tight; it draws attention "Hey, I'm here!" and it gets the mind going.(if it wasn't already going) maybe like 5 inch erect nipples for a girl?No, erections materialize not on command most of the time, can be really embarrassing while dancing close or very embarrassing when showering with boys (or embarrassing when they should materialize and they don't)

  • It feels like an extra body part coming to life that you forgot you had that you're very conscious of. He has it's own feeling and you know it'll feel better if you do something with it. ;-) .

    • hahahahahhaa i love how you said that

  • It gets more sensitive and generally feels good. You become more aware of its presence also because of the increased sensitivity.

  • It's impossible to really explain to someone who doesn't have the equipment to relate. lol... sorry but I just don't think it's possible for a girl to really understand what an erection would feel like.About all I can say is that an erection (at least for younger guys) doesn't necessarily mean that we're horny. It does in a lot of cases, but a lot of times it just happens because of excess bloodflow to the area, or if a guy really has to pee sometimes it'll happen just as a reflex the body uses to stop yourself (that's one of the reasons guys tend to wake up with morning wood). The point here is that if you're wondering if it feels the same as when a girl gets horny? Maybe, but probably not in most cases since an erection doesn't always mean a guy is horny.

    • Really? I knew it happened because of excess blood flow, but not because of having to pee. Interesting.

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    • these comments were a year ago... but I know from experience when I need to pee and I put it off, I'm on my own and I'm sitting down or lying down I feel kinda horny around the clitoris area... makes me forgeti need to pee

    • Maniraptoran - I know what a clitoris is, but as you said it's much smaller, I'm fairly certain it doesn't triple in size, or make an awkward bulge in your pants. And imagination can only build on what you've already experienced. Just as I don't know what it's like and probably never will to breast feed a child, it's not really easy to relate a feeling to someone who doesn't have the equipment to compare. I have nipples, yes, but I'm sure it's not the same.

  • Tight, aches, throbs with a pulse, and a strong desire to cum

  • think of it as a rush of blood to your arms after youve woken them up from being asleep cause you slept on it wrongthats what it feels like, its just a biological rush of blood to the penis, because its sexually aroused, it gives you that warm, tingly feeling that you get when you fall in love

  • it feels like an extra limb lol and you don't really notice it while its not erect though

  • An erection is primarily a signal that you're horny. How does your body feel when you're horny? It's the same thing.

    • Does it feel like you get almost an electricle feeling when it first happens.. because that's what I feel when I first get horny like a surge of energy travels from my belly button down. (aside from that it's unexplainable to me)

    • Yeah me too, Like when I see a girl sitting legs apart on a boy and they're kissing, it only does it for a second. But I LOVE that feeling =D

  • Sometimes it gets hard way too much or at the wrong time, I want to drop a hammer on it or cut it off.

  • If it gets trapped in your pants the wrong way, it can hurt until you adjust it...tight pants particularly are prone to this.

    • But say it doesn't get trapped in your pants...say you're not weearing pants, lol, how does it feel?

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    • You can't make it go away, at least not very well. If you are a large man, you just put up with the public humiliation. I imagine small guys can hide it easier.If you are a student with a handful of books, you just hold your books in front of you.If you are on a loveseat next to a F friend, you cover it with whatever is available.

    • That explains a lot. haha icecreamlover, have you ever heard of pocket poker? hahaha that's what they do.

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