Never used a tampon.

First off, I'm 19 and I've never used a tampon because I am absolutely terrified of them! So I tried to get over my fear the other day, and I totally thought it was working until I stood up! Omg it was the worst feeling I've ever felt in my whole life! I tried to take it out and I couldn't move it... Show More

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  • I had the same issue and what's worse is I was CAMPING. It was awful. Ok, so it is painful because you didn't put the tampon far enough into your vagina so you could feel it there. When it is in the proper place you can't feel it. When putting it in, put your fingers at the base of the top piece of the aplicator and push the aplicator until your fingers are at your vagina. You want it so the only part of the aplicator that is sticking out of you is the "plunger" part of it. That will push it far enough inside of you to make it so you don't feel it, then just pull the aplicator out. It will hurt if it isn't wet because when you put it in it absorbs all the moisture in you vagina, so now you are totally dry and the cotton sticks to the walls of your vagina. That either becomes more barable or I guess you learn to deal with it, I am not sure which. The batch tub is always a good alternative though if you need to take it out now. Also, when my mom first got me tampons she got me regulars. I didn't realize there was a teen size, it is little tiny and much more comfortable and A LOT less scary.