Never used a tampon.

First off, I'm 19 and I've never used a tampon because I am absolutely terrified of them! So I tried to get over my fear the other day, and I totally thought it was working until I stood up! Omg it was the worst feeling I've ever felt in my whole life! I tried to take it out and I couldn't move it because it hurt so badly. So I thought, maybe I will jut have to get used to it. So I just chilled in my room for awhile with it in, but the pain was too unbearable! SO I went back to the bathroom to try to take it out, but I had the same problem. So I asked for some advice online, and someone told me I had to wait 4 it to get filled up, but I couldn't wait that long. So I turned on the bath tub, hoping the water would make it easier, and jumped inside and pulled it out in there. AND OMG IT HURT SOOOO BADLY! what is wrong with me lol?! I must have done something wrong because I don't think anyone would be wearing them if it hurt has bad as that!


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  • I had the same issue and what's worse is I was CAMPING. It was awful. Ok, so it is painful because you didn't put the tampon far enough into your vagina so you could feel it there. When it is in the proper place you can't feel it. When putting it in, put your fingers at the base of the top piece of the aplicator and push the aplicator until your fingers are at your vagina. You want it so the only part of the aplicator that is sticking out of you is the "plunger" part of it. That will push it far enough inside of you to make it so you don't feel it, then just pull the aplicator out. It will hurt if it isn't wet because when you put it in it absorbs all the moisture in you vagina, so now you are totally dry and the cotton sticks to the walls of your vagina. That either becomes more barable or I guess you learn to deal with it, I am not sure which. The batch tub is always a good alternative though if you need to take it out now. Also, when my mom first got me tampons she got me regulars. I didn't realize there was a teen size, it is little tiny and much more comfortable and A LOT less scary.


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  • Its normal most of my female friends swear by the plastic applicator Tampons...Very few issues and cleaner than pads.

  • You better use with applicator, it will be less difficult to put correctly on place. if you had like "weird feeling" maybe you didn't put it deep enough!

  • is it really that scary?


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  • It hurts like a bitch when your dry. Maybe your using a tampon that's too big for your vagina?

    You may have inserted it too far too. The way I learned to insert was by standing with my legs apart, putting the plastic applicator up until I could get my fingers around the base, and then with one hand hold the applicator and with the other push the tampon up and pull the plastic out as I did it. Sometimes I tug on the string lightly, just to make sure I can get it out in case.

    I used to be deathly afraid of tampons, now, I'm used to using them.

    I hope I helped in some small or significant way at least.

    • I don't think they come any slimmer lol! How can I tell if I put it too far?

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    • Lol, well it totally worked for me, I had no idea how to put one in or what.

      I had another chick friend show me how, which, as awkward as it was, it was very insightful and helpful.

    • That probably would be helpful, but I'm one of those weirdos who won't even change in a locker room. That would just be an awkward mess for me! lol!

  • i am 26 honey and just tried the tampon too,the mofo hurts so baaaaaaaaaad,i can't take it out my boyfriend is tired taking it out for me,its traumatic like I don't wanna have periods ever again,im scared to pee or to poo if I just put it on because I don't wanna change it,very very weird feeling like his dick is just stuck there very eoww but yeh at the same time I have to get used to it because I cannot stand the fixing of pads too and I like my cute tiny string panties so yeh we have to get use to it

    • Goodness! I'm glad you know how I feel!!! good luck lol

    • YOU'RE BOYFRIEND TAKES IT OUT FOR YOU? Holy shit. Brave man. I would use little tampons honey, start small and work your way up. NEVER try to take a dry one out. Be brave like your boyfriend and I'm sure you'll be fine. Hah

  • Yea - they don't hurt that bad unless you didn't have the tampon all the way inserted... That's the only issue I've ever had and the pain from the edge of the tampon being a little in and a little out really hurt.

  • I was like the same!

    One time I put one in and it scared the life out of me.

    I had one fully in and I was so proud! Then everything started dimming, like the lights & I felt like something wasn't right, so I went down to the bathroom to take it out.

    I actually started shaking so fast (sort of like a seizure, but it wasn't) and I was so scared.

    I was so worried that I couldn't take it out, so I got really dizzy...and fell down ( I couldn't remember what happened for a couple minutes)

    It was so scary, my sister needed to help my naked a**! She said I got so pale and my eyes were wide and she didn't know what to do. (She's my age...we're 18 home alone at one in the morning)

    It hurt to rip it out, but I know I had to. So I ripped it out and elevated myself...and put a cold clothe on my face because I sweated so bad from shaking.

    She was so scared and didn't know what to do either at the time I was shaking.

    I've tried them multiple other times over the years, but I have never been able to have one in for awhile. (That time I finally had it in for like a few minutes) Other times, I put them in for a few seconds, and they feel weird (and dry inside) so I would take them out.

    I tried going into the bathtub too, but I was like, no because it would expand it.

    I just pulled it out really quick.

    I had to elevate my legs on SIX pillows when I went to bed because I was so dizzy. I didn't sleep w one at my head either.

    I think that I should just get used to it, but after that experience, I won't ever again!

    it hurt me too...get the super light ones from playtex (sport kind) the thinnest you can get. I got mine at the normal size. And you need to be in the middle stage of your period when it is heavy.

    If you had a bad experience, I wouldn't bother trying again...until you are for sure.

    Or I don't know if you are a virgin? But someone told me tht I should wait until after I have sex

    Oh, but they have the ones without the applicators...they are kind of weird, but you just stick your finger on the other side of it and just slide it in at your comfort. I think it's better than sliding hard plastic or cardboard up your vagina haha.

    • Oh my gosh that is jut like what happened to me!!!! Except, I'm a twin too (ironic!!), and I would never dream of asking her to help me haha. I tried to tough it out and I felt like I was going to die. But yeah, I'm a virgin too. So I guess it is a good idea to wait until after...

      thanks 4 that! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!

    • You're definitely not the only one! haha

      Well I mean I didn't ask her to take it out!!! lol I meant that I just was so confused on what was going on I didn't know what to do! haha.

      You're welcome!

      I hope I was of some help =]

  • um I think that happens because of the angle you may have put it in.. but I stay away from tampons personally.. I continue to use the alternative sources.. because its simpler to me.. and I get bad cramps in that area .. and tampon would just be pure pain! but when I HAVE to like no choice must use one...i even chicken out and end up having some of it sticking out lolol when I use a cardboard applicator.. but I think with the plastic applicator like pearls etc.. are actually pretty easy to use.. and jus get "situated" up there "firmly"

  • I had the exact same problem ! I used tampax pearl and everything. You are inserting it wrong, and your vagina is dry which makes it unbearable to take out. You must have not put it in far enough, after all your vagina was probably tense as you were putting it in. Next time you're willing to give a shot, RELAX. If that isn't enough you can try putting lube on the applicator.

    • That definitely makes sense! Is there anything I can use as lube that I might have around the house? lol I don't know if that's a dumb question or not =P

    • There is probably stuff you can use but it could potentially be harmful so I'd just be safe and buy lube from your pharmacy.

    • Lol okay thx

  • There's nothing wrong with you! Keep using pads if that's what you're comfortable with.

  • try a smaller size tampon at first until you get used to it && give it time. it's totally normal for it to hurt, it could take you a couple months to totally get used to it.

  • It hurts like the raging fire of a thousand suns the first time. But it might've been your hymen breaking because you are a virgin. Make sure you're putting it in far enough (I've made that mistake). Also that you're not completely dry - but you probably aren't considering your on your period. It doesn't hurt after you get used to it - it just feels kind of strange.

    • Lol "the raging fire of a thousands suns"! that's definitely what it felt like. hahaha

    • I actually felt no pain at all the first time I really used one. Just walked around and I couldn't tell it was there. But maybe that's just me.

    • Lucky you!! I'm jealous haha!

  • Do you know how to insert it properly?

    It must be angled down a little bit while you are inserting it

  • it takes a while to get used to them.

    just relax. RELAX

  • Breathe! without being relaxed you will never get it. So calm down and practice..

  • yea I feel your pain girl you don't have a problem

    • Lol! =D I'm so glad you agree!

  • ok more then likely you didn't have it in far enough and hopefully you knew that you have to push it out of the applicator. If all else fails darling read the instructions. The worst part of using a tampon is making the cramps worse.

  • you might also have gotten it stuck on your hymen, if you are a virgin. To get it out you would have to pull hard enough to break your hymen and that hurts like crap. I would suggest you soak in the tub and just relax. Try and get a little wet and it might shift so you can get it out.

    • I am a virgin. that's probably what it was! What does it feel like to break it? and once its broken will it still hurt if I try again?

    • No it shouldn't hurt again the same way if it's the hymen. I was thinking that maybe the water didn't help, 'cos it took away your own juices that could have helped to get it out. Were you menstruating? And was it your first day of it? 'Cos during the first day you are not that wet, so you maybe shouldn't use tampons. Try next time on the second or third day when the leaking is the biggest. And if it won't come off easily, I would recommend to get turned on and wet, so it will slide off! Lol :D

  • are you using cardboard tampons? those are HORRIBLE! ugh don't even get me started! but anyway you should try tampax pearl! those things slide right in like butter! they're so easy its what I had to do my first time using a tampon. and once they're in you can't even feel them its amazing!

    • Actually, I am using tampax pearls! lol! now what? =[

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    • Lol okay well thanks for your help! I hope it doesn't hurt when I try it again lol!

    • Alright well good luck then!

  • I'm absoultly terrified

  • The thing that put me off tampons to begin with was when my primary school teacher put a tampon in a cup of water and the size went really huge she told us it doesn't expand like that when your on your period but it was still scary. don't ever mix tampons and water ever. bad idea. I started using tampons at 18 cause I thought I won't be able to have sex if I can't even get used to a tampon.

  • I've been using tampons since I was 12 (I was a competitive swimmer), and never had a problem. Be sure to read the instructions; most of them give multiple positions for insertion that help the process immensely. Make sure you insert it all the way in.

    I would suggest trying a tampon with a plastic applicator (they're smoother and eject easier), like the Pearl tampons.

    Also, your period might be too light for regular or larger tampons, so try it with the 'light" ones. They're smaller and better if you have light periods.

  • #1- never use cardboard! it hurts so badley!

    #2- use the smallest tamopn you can find. I use tampax pearl

    #3- when I put it in, I lean my hips foward and relax. If your tense, something in you will make the muscles tighten up inside you and your tampon won't go all the way in (prob. what happened to you)

    #4- you must relax or else you will not be able to put it in at all.

    ^^^good luck : )

  • ok, I didn't start using tampons til I was like, 20 cause I never knew how to use them and they always hurt.

    then I heard the best way and I'm so glad --

    (first off, I never use cardboard applicators)

    i sit relaxed and tilt the tampon so it is almost pointing to your lower back. insert the applicator just about all the way, then push on the end so the tampon goes in. it should NOT hurt when you're putting it in or taking it out. and you shouldn't even be able to feel it really while you're wearing it.

    hope that helps. they are WAY more comfortable than pads, I think.

  • i had a tampon problem for like 7 months when I first started my period. Based on my own issues, 1. NEVER use cardboard

    2. USE the smallest size you can

    3. try to have your vagina be wet somehow (there are certain creams you can buy to put on the plastic applicator to help it slide in better, or have it be wet already from your period but DONT do it dry)

    4. make sure the tampon is in ALL the way and is high up there with about an inch of string outside of you.

    5. Don't put it in at a sideways angle!

    These were just my own issues but hopefully some of them will help you. GOOD luck!