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What's good girth?

OK ladies, I keep hearing women say that it isn't the length as much as a guy's girth that matters. However, what's considered good girth? Like a the... Show More

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  • The toilet paper test is a favorite of mine, especially if I find that a guy has exaggerated his size. If he easily fits in the tube when he is hard, he has a skinny penis. If it doesn't fit, he is extra thick. If it just fits in, he is average. If it fits loosely, I like to check his length with it too. If the head doesn't poke out of the tube, he has a tiny penis as well as a skinny one. Like I said, I only do this to guys that tell me they are hung and then I find out later they were lying to me. Remember boys, honesty is the best policy in these matters. Most girls don't need you to be a porn star. If you have a lil' one, just spend more time on us before you do the deed. ;>

    • I think the only people who put 3 thumbs down are the ones that don't fit. I on the other hand don't fit width wise, and I know my head would be stickin out.

    • So foreplay is more important if you have a smaller penis?

    • i member being able to fit my penis in the the toilet paper tube about the age 14 15. now I can only get part of my head in there.

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  • I don't know what girth people would like...but I do know that my bf is 2 inches around...Maybe inch around, because sometimes he can hurt...

    • I'm assuming by 2 inches around you mean diameter? A circumference (or girth) of 2 inches would be small, given the average is a 5 inch circumference.

    • He took a measuring tape and wrapped it around the neck...

  • I didn't think girth mattered so much until my current boyfriend - he's much bigger around than any other I've been with... (i haven't measured but he's like a can of red bull)... it's def more challenging, and I'm often sore, but I have multiple orgasms all the time from him just being inside me... but if you don't have that girth, I don't think it matters - just figure out which strokes/thrusts/stirring juices your girl...

  • Nobody ever believes me when I tell this, but when I was about 18, I once went out with a guy whose dick was about the same size as a 2 cans of Coke put end to end. Needless to say, it was a real shock the first time I saw it! I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to take it all in, if you see what I mean. I only had sex with him once, I was afraid that he'd stretch me permanently or tear something. He was kinda arrogant because his dick was so big and thick, so I dumped him pretty soon after that.

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  • If it's at least the girth of a quarter, you shouldn't have any problem. But less than that, they might not like it. But since the chances of being less than a quarter is slim, you should be fine.

    • What if your more like the girth of a half dollar but only like 6 inches

  • The way that Girth is to be measured is by taking something like a string, Rap it around the thickest part of the penis and mark off where the two ends meet. now let the string hang strait and measure the length of the string and that is the girth of the penis.

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