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What are your thoughts on inter-family sexual relations ?

Mother-Son Father-daughter Grandmother-grandson Siblings.. There are tons of stories about each of the above having sexual relationships... Show More

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  • I don't like your poll. Is it normal or abnormal? I'm not a psychologist, I don't know sh*t about that.But I approve of it, greatly. I actually convinced a brother and sister to get together, and they're now fairly happy together. I've known a lot of people in incestuous relationships, too, and countless numbers of people who've had sexual experiences. It's cool, to me. I think it's very romantic =] And I've known people not only from my very small country, but from all over the world, so it's a global thing, my country isn't weird.My mother has the same viewpoint as me, though we're not given to incest.

    • Just what I was thinking!

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    • you.. convinced your brother and sister to get together? Interesting lol. Whatever.

    • No no, A brother and sister, a friend of mine had romantic feelings for her brother and I encouraged it. And now they're together, is what I meant.

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  • Shouldn't have kids because genres they are close tend to make crippling disabilities in the offspring, this is scientific fact. Other than that, I really don't know. On one hand, it sounds wicked, but on the other, it sounds normal.

  • It isn't normal, as genes aren't meant to be spliced like that. Not to mention, there is a familial bond that family members have which should be intact to provide love and support for each other in a non-sexual manner. If you remove that bond, who is your family? You can't just go out and find a new family now that your family members are lovers. For all these reasons, not to mention birth-defects from inbreeding, it is a bad idea and should be shunned.

  • Thinking about it is normal -- since it has been thought about for thousands of years...I am okay with two consenting adults, even if they are related... as long as no one is taking advantage of the other, I don't see how it impacts me.

  • I don't really care, if they want to do it than that is fine with me, just I don't want to hear about it.Laws banning family sexual relations and other laws that ban gay marriage or adultery are just a conservatives trying to put their christian fundamentals on everyone else...Don't even start, it is so true.

  • It isn't normal and pretty stupid, but I don't care if they're both adults and no one is abusing power or anything (aka consensual, no mind games, etc). It's not like it's my life. Just, I don't think it's normal or ok.

  • Hey if you want your grandma gumming you... well, then I suppose that's your thing. As for me though, f*** no.

  • Personally I think it is gross, but I also think gay sex is gross, and I don't think that should be illegal. Adults should be able to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they aren't harming others. I think that the whole birth defect argument is failed logic as well. There is no other law in place (that I know of, at least) that prohibits any couple from having kids based on an increased chance of birth defects, so why should there be one in this case?

    • The defects that aeries from it is natures way of saying it shouldn't happen

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    • So are birth defects are natures way of saying that people with hereditary diseases shouldn't reproduce? And do you likewise think that it is something that just shouldn't happen?

    • An argument could also be made that it's natures way of saying it's perfectly natural to be 'defected', ey

  • It is not normal for many reasons. No offspring for one and families are not supposed to have sexual intercourse because it goes against nature. These people are probably just misinterpreting family love for sexual love.

  • I think there should be a law against it because of damage to potential offspring.

  • I know this anwser won't be popular. Providing the daughter son grandson ect are 18 I don't see anything wrong with just sex. Interbreeding however is f***ing wrong. So as long as there's no kids there's no problem with it in my opinion

What Girls Said 6

  • Not normal at all. I personally think its sick and wrong

    • To condemn something as sick and wrong is not a personal thing at all, but a claim to objectivity.

  • its not something for me, but its not my place to try and regulate the romance and sexuality of others. consenting adults can do whatever they want.as for them having kids, I think the law should compel them to adopt or not have kids, but the state can't force them. its their body, hopefully they know what they're getting in to.

  • What people do in thier bedroom is none of my business. As long as it is two (or more) consenting adults and everyone being affected agrees (ex. wife wants to be with another man other than her husband and the husband is okay with this) then anything goes.

  • I do not think that blood relation should engage in acts of sex. And of course there is love, your family. But this is an icky question. Really icky. I mean I don't see how blood and blood can have sex. It's not right. Thank god I live in MO. We have laws against that ish. And then if they reproduce, It ain't right. I don't belive in the normal god others do. But if I did, I don't think that he would like that.

    • Ms MO..I am originally from IA and now from SD...what about sex between first cousins?It does not appear that that is illegal in MO? link

    • First cousins is just as icky. And it should be.

  • i don't think it is normal because I hear that normal humans have genes that keep them from being attracted to their own family members, like, something in the DNA prevents that from happening, and I guarantee you a HUGE vast majority of people are not attracted to their family members. It grosses me out a lot because your family is...your family. Where else do you turn? And imagine the birth defects. I just think it is morally wrong.

    • It's not physiological, it's psychological. It's called... Uh... I dunno, somebodies syndrome. Basically, because of the environment that's set up, you're raised so closely with your siblings or treated in a certain way by your parents, etc., for all of your childhood that you develop an inhibition, an inability to feel a sexual attraction towards them. That's not proof that one's normal and one isn't, if anything it's you and me who have the syndrome

  • i think it could be normal to some things as long as no actual sex.

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