Do men like pear shaped women?

I've been told that they are "the least attractive shape" and that pear shaped women are most likely to develop eating disorders.

What do you think?





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  • Statistically speaking part is second most desirable behind hourglass. Least is the apple. As far a reading disorders go, never heard of that.

    • ...eating disorders? lol

    • Sorry, answering from phone. Autocorrect and all.

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  • I'd guess hourglass is the shape most men like with pear second. An overweight hourglass woman may attract some men with her huge breasts. But an average or semi slim pear shape is actually my favorite.

    • why doesn't the overweight hourglass woman attract with her bigger butt. Why isn't that as liked as bigger breasts?

  • How many times will it take for us to tell you you look perfectly fine, for you to believe it?!

    • Word, it's annoying already.

    • then don't click on my questions

    • I think probably 1000 men on this site have told you you're hot. And you've faffed about with your appearance for the year plus I've been on this site, and don't appear to be happy or appreciate how blessed you are. Maybe the problem you should tackle is in your head? Anyway, I'll say no more, I'm sure I'll be on the end of a barrage of abuse, such is this site.

  • I'd be happy with a girl like that, but I'd be more happy with a girl with that body and pear shaped boobs as studies show they are freaks inbetween the sheets. :)

  • Your examples are terrible as I am sure most guys would gladly be with those women.

    Last night I saw a real pear shaped women. It was interesting because from her upper body, she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

    But her measurements were like this.


    Also, her thighs were equally large.

    When it gets THAT uneven, it looks bad.

    I can put it this way. If you have a thin and fit body, no matter what your skeletal structure is, it will look sexy.

    • How are those measurements bad? 38 inch hips is not that far from 34.

      Why do you white men prefer super skinny bodies?

  • I LOVE the pear shape. I'm not into stick figures, I prefer a woman with curves.

  • Believe me when I say that guys don't think about that. At all. Me personally, I am really big about a girls face.

    And if you're concerned that guys think you look like a pear... don't be. You appear pretty cute so don't worry about it.

  • That's not what I call "pear-shaped"..Image 2 & 3 are both def is when her torso looks normal/average and her hips/thighs are large...and that does not appeal to me...(:

    • they are pear shaped if the bottom is bigger than top, they totally are pear shaped

  • I don't think of pear shaped when I see those pictures. Whatever the name, those girls are hot.

  • i think its perfect

  • women with curves are the best

  • turn off

  • I prefer the inverse. Big up top, small on the bottom.

  • I find pear the MOST attractive body shape. Those links look more like hourglass though (not that that's a problem.)

    • They are just small pears lol

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  • Apple or ruler is the worst. Hourglass is best then pear. Pears are especially hot when they keep in shape

  • those are definitely not pear-shaped

  • guys like all kind of girls shapes ;)

  • How do you know if you are a pear, hour glass or apple shape seriously? I went to this "girl" thing and this is something that was disscussed. Every girl there could play or do what "games" they chose. You let women discuss your body type in say which ever you are. Well I really wanted to know and I just watched others go before me. It comes to me and I stand up and they just stare at me and I am like OK which am I? I never did get an answer and still don't know.

    • Has to do with your measurements...if your hips are bigger than your bust by a significant amount and you have a small waist then you are a pear...If your bust and hips are equal and your waist is smaller you are an hour glass. If your bust and waist are wider than your hips you are an apple, if your the same all the way down you would be a ruler..

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    • Probably an hourglass?

    • prob an hourglass? lol still not sure.. just joking I am okay with myself so its okay which ever "type" I am

  • Those three are not pears, those are sticks:

  • Personally, I think pear shape is the best out of all body shapes for women. I think it best represents fertility out of the other ones. Wider hips and thighs are attractive to men. Wider hips=easier to push a baby out. I personally think it's better than having huge boobs and a really tiny waste/no butt.

  • its an extremely attractive shape. men like it!

  • i don't think they are the least attractive shape as long as they aren't overweight, which is true about any body shape!

    i think apple shaped is much less know when you don't have much of a waistline and skinny legs and butt