Does areola size pertain to ethnicity?

Im very curious, I've seen some different sized breasts and areolas, and am wondering if girls who are white/caucasion don't have larger areolas?

It seems that the women I've seen with larger areolas were Italian, Latina, or African American. (By largeI mean 2-3+" size.)

Is this true? are there Asian, White women, or Middle Eastern.. orr?

So I guess I'm asking if you have, or have seen areolas in the 2" + range, and what race are you/were they

LOL OK, Maybe I've miscomunicated my question here

Has anyone noticed a correlation between C, and larger sized breasts on women with areolas in the 2-3"+ range, to specific race or ethnicity?

Im aware of what areolas are for, and that with smaller breasts, areolas are smaller, for the most part.

I happen to think larger are more attractive.

I just thought maybe I could get some insight showing if there's a correlation among certain ethnicities and the size, obviously with a larger breast as w


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  • just like someones ethnicity has to do with p*nis size...

    • hahah Well.. that's fractionarily true.. certain ethnicities of Asian men are smaller. Penis size can have a correlation to a mans nose.. and combination of feet, hands height and nose combined. there is some truth to this :)

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  • it has to do more with breast size, watch p*rn and find out

    • it has nothing to do with breast size. saying watch p*rn and find out is a main reason why in our society people have the wrong ideas about sex, p*rn is not real. its showing the "ideal" views of sex and how women should look. for myself I have smaller breasts (36B) but have large areola

  • I would think they have to do with your breasts size. If you have an A cup you're gonna have something proportioned to that. Whether you're black, white or whatever they will be different because within each race there are different breast sizes.

  • i think it depends on size and how fast your breasts grow ans stretch. if they grow and stretch really fast than you will have larger areolas. if they grow slowers/stretch slower than they will be smaller. I know women with A cups with large areolas and D cups with small ones

    • thats interesting.. I never thought of that one

  • mine are about 2 inches in diameter

    and I'm white

    i don't really think that there is a correlation

  • the larger the breast size, the larger the areolas. the areolas evolved to be big enough to be visible to a baby's eyes because when babies are born they can't see properly their eyes are not fully developed, some say babies can see only black and white first few weeks after birth, so in order to drink milk the areolas were evolved to be visible to the baby and trigger the breastfeeding reflex

  • It's not race related at all, but is related to breast size. I'm a DD with dollar-sized areolas, but when I was younger and my breasts were smaller the areolas were smaller and more proportionate to the breast size.

  • i think it might! But I've never really thought of it before!


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  • This is a confusing post, you said white girls don't have large areola then in the second sentence you mention "It seems that the women I've seen with larger areolas were Italian, Latina" which stragely enough Italian girls are white and latina girls can be white.

    Ignoring that there is no correlation between race and areola size, just like everything else as simple of an answer as this is, it varies depending on the individual.

  • Small for me :-/.

  • There are definitely HUGE boobs with small areolas, and small boobs with big areolas. I don't know that there's a tight correlation.