Does areola size pertain to ethnicity?

Im very curious, I've seen some different sized breasts and areolas, and am wondering if girls who are white/caucasion don't have larger areolas?

It seems that the women I've seen with larger areolas were Italian, Latina, or African American. (By largeI mean 2-3+" size.)

Is this true? are there Asian, White women, or Middle Eastern.. orr?

So I guess I'm asking if you have, or have seen areolas in the 2" + range, and what race are you/were they

LOL OK, Maybe I've miscomunicated my question here

Has anyone noticed a correlation between C, and larger sized breasts on women with areolas in the 2-3"+ range, to specific race or ethnicity?

Im aware of what areolas are for, and that with smaller breasts, areolas are smaller, for the most part.

I happen to think larger are more attractive.

I just thought maybe I could get some insight showing if there's a correlation among certain ethnicities and the size, obviously with a larger breast as w


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  • just like someones ethnicity has to do with p*nis size...

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      hahah Well.. that's fractionarily true.. certain ethnicities of Asian men are smaller. Penis size can have a correlation to a mans nose.. and combination of feet, hands height and nose combined. there is some truth to this :)