How many fingers is too many?

So tonight, my guy, who usually does two to three at most put in four fingers. I mean it kinda felt good? Will that stretch me out too much? Thanks!


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  • Do it if it feels good.

    The vagina is an elastic part of your body. Babies come from it. Four fingers is nothing compared to a baby.

    Plus, the thickness of a penis is about 3 fingers, so 4 is nothing too extreme.

    Finally, why would you worry about "stretching too much"? If your guy cared about that detail, and if he thought this would stretch you out, he wouldn't be using 4 fingers would he? =)


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  • Why stop at four? I say ball up a fist and stick his whole forearm in there! I hear its amazing. Oh and it goes back to normal right after. You actually get tighter because it stretches the muscles and makes them rebuild stronger. Like working out..

    • thats retarded, its smooth muscle its a bit different

    • My girls have had some ridges in there! Lol no but serious did you not pick up on the sarcasm bro?

  • I am not sure about exercising that very part! Bu I do know that once a woman gives birth, she gets really loose thereafter, my girl is hardly any tighter after many sex session, it used to be one finger, then 2 and now 3 for me! So it meant it gets looser as it stretched, as using one finger now meant nothing! So you think about it! I would want my penis to feel good, not so much my fingers! :)

  • You'll spring back just fine. I've been with plenty of girls who feel veeerry tight and good but can e 3-44 fingers or my d*** and a dildo if they're in the mood. :-)

  • First, although Vag penetration enhances the experience, the main event to get you off is up above at your clit. Two fingers, side by side should provide enough sensation at your Vag entrance to to do that and reach above to your G-spot behind your pubic bone. More fingers just get in the way, although the tight fit can be good at the opening. but not farther inside.

    Your Vag is quite elastic (passes a baby's head) and will retract. But if you do this a lot, it will "learn" to open up when it is contacted and seem loose for intercourse. If you don't want that, don't "teach" your Vag with more than two fingers. If you do and then stop, it will "forget" after a while.

  • If it feels good do it. Your p**** will go back to it's original tightness, nothing to worry about.

    • it will never go back to original

    • yes it will, it's a recognized scientific fact. Woman squeeze 9 pound babys out of there. 4 fingers is nothing.

  • Don't worry about it. Four fingers isn't going to be too much!

  • Your vagina will go back to its original size after playing around. It is made to stretch. You came out of your mother's vagina, as a 8 lb baby. That's an incredible little device that's attached to you, don't you think? A four fingers unless you guy has Shrek hands isn't going to damage your lady bits. If you feel comfortable when he's fingering you with that many, you have nothing to worry about.


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  • you have nothing to worry about, p****s stretch all the time, its not gunna stay that way, it will shrink back to its original size.

    • This is true, and important for people to know.

    • but it will become lose during sex a lot easier, so functionally it doesn't go back sorry lady

    • No Dudeman it will return to its normal size, if you do pelvic floor and abdominal exercises it will be tighter than ever and still stretch to fit a fist.. go Hard Babe you'll love it I do ;)

  • No you will not get stretched out from fingering. So enjoy.

  • if it felt good just go with it. its very elastic and I doubt an extra finger will make a big difference. its all just personal preference