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Do Guys like to be Tied up?

Do guys like to be tied up? And have something shoved at them?

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What Guys Said 14

  • Depends on the guy. I don't mind being tied, but we'd have to discuss the shoving.

  • Certainly not me! That doesn't sound exactly what I'd call having a great time.

  • Hell NO!

  • Tied up? Yeah that's a little kinky, I don't think I'd mind as long as it wasn't with a psycho(funny story for another time).

    "Shoved at them". . .uhm no I don't think so. Unless it's like chocolate or candy. Nothing penis shaped please.

  • Uh... what? Have what shoved at them? What the hell are you talking about?

    Being tied up? yeah, sure sometimes, it's kinda kinky...

    But something shoved in my face? What the hell is that? Like... I can't possibly imagine what you would be shoving in someone's face... but... no... I don't think I'd like anything being shoved in my face during sex... unless maybe it's the girl's boobs or her vagina, i.e. she was mounting my face for me to give her oral or something, like in a 69.

  • eww you sound like a sicko =(

  • lol well I like being tied up and having girls do things to me yea..

    but NOTHING goes up there.. exit only.

    there are some weirdos that like that though.

  • i don't mind the tying up but the shoving not so sure

  • maybe so weird ass guyss but I wouldnt

  • NOT ME

    some people like different things

    i don't like my girlfriend tied up either

  • Please explain "shoved at them".

  • Yes I do love to be tied up and gagged

  • I will NEVER understand why the mods here don't delete you.

What Girls Said 3

  • AJ stole my question. Really, what would you "shove at them?"

    • I don't think the girls or the boys would enjoy having something...

      "thrust" into their face.

      I certainly don't. former boyfriend learned that the hard way when he shoved his **** into my face and said "open and suck it". Oh I opened alright, but the sucking was more like a crocodile snapping it's jaws shut.

      And my dentist says I should let him file my teeth down...

    • LMAO! That was hilarious! Good one.

  • I've tied up a lot of guys and they've all liked it. But any one of them would have broke from the ties and shot me in the face had I tried to shove anything up his back door. If you mean like boobs or the va jay jay in the face then yeah, they liked that.

  • i like to role play with my boyfriend and I detain him for being a naughty boy and it's hot.

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