Girl, why are you so self-conscious about your bodies?

I'm growing frustrated with girls that don't like their bodies half as much as I do. It's a total sex buzz kill when a girl doesn't want you to see her completely naked.

Girls, if you're with a guy then there are many good reasons he's with you. Why would you make it a point to highlight your faults and shortcomings?

I'm going to scream the next time a perfectly attractive girl tells me she's fat.


Girls, why do you do this to yourselves?


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  • Put yourself in a woman's shoes for a day. You wake up, watch tv, read a magazine, go to a store. What do you see? What's plastered all over ads? Girls that haven't had a meal in weeks. Normal girls, at least most of us, can't be that thin and it causes our self-esteem issues. Now, continue on. You see a girl at school, and you think she's pretty. She gets all the boys to talk to her. And you automatically compare yourself. Women compete more with women than men ever will with other men.

    We, as women, go through our lives competing based on how we look, how we dress, how we do our hair. First impressions last a lifetime, and as a female, it has to be perfect or you're automatically written off. We have so much pressure placed on us, from children on up, about how we look that it stays with us.

    So next time you wonder why we're insecure, think about what might have been said to that girl, who she might see everyday, what she hears guys talk about. Because a girl who's been trying to live up to the hype is usually insecure and can't help it.

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      Wow... I never realized how bad it was for girls... I've thought about it and stuff, but coming from a girl it really opens my eyes...

      ****hugs for everyone**** :)