Do women like getting their toes kissed and sucked?

I was wondering do most girls like to have their feet kissed or sucked during intercourse or prior? Just curious...I have a foot fetish and was wondering if women enjoy it or think its weird.


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  • Some women enjoy it very much .. others , like myself , would rather it raw eggs than have their feet sucked..

    • is that?

    • I am extremely ticklish there.. so touching them would make my stomach hurt, cry and other stuff that are not nice :D .. also feet are feet .. there are places designed for kissing ..

    • Yeah was just asking...I believe in pleasing my partner whether I am "into it" or not..but I am ticklish too..MIGHT be able to tolerate it on my left toes but definitely not my right toes!...(:

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  • It's not something I would specifically ask for, but if my man was into it and it turned him on, I would let him and probably be turned on by the fact that it turned him on so much.

  • I've had it happen before and its no issue. I didn't ask he just did and it was nice and interesting. I liked it but I'm not gonna just ask for it and I wouldn't want you sniffing my shoes, socks and etc. If its to that point you would need to seek help because that's an issue for you and would be one for others who see you doing it.

  • i don't mind it

  • no absolutely not. it tickles. suck on something else

  • i enjoy my toes being sucked and nibbled on very much..and by the way as long as both are willing and want together then nothing is bad or weird

  • Not me...

  • i don't like it either..


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