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Bare or landing strip or low trimmed bush?

which do you prefer and why? and for those who choose landing strip doesn't it bother your nose or fingers when eating p**** or playing with it?... Show More

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  • low trimmed bush is really hot, looks sexy on a girl it doesn't really get in the way,

    i love how it feels tho, I love putting my hands through her trimmed hairs while eating her out.

    • nice lol =) but you like bare as well?

    • yea I like bare as well :) wanna show me? :) lol

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  • You need only to cut pubic hair short. This is fine enough for cunnilingus.

  • bare, its cleaner and looks better to me. I'm bare and love the feeling of skin on skin during play time.

  • I think bare is the best in every way.

  • All I have to say here is that no one likes pubes in their teeth, so I don't mind if a girl has a bush, but if she does, she better not expect me to go down on her

  • Bare

  • bare is the best cause then a guy can get in there without getting cut or grazed in the face lol

    • exactly what I'm thinking and I know lol

  • bare is the best!

  • Any of the three you listed. None are overdone (or overgrown lol) and I think hair or none looks fine.

    • yea I know but it's the feeling lol

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    • bare feels awesome on my fingers <3

    • Then shave away

  • Bare is great to eat, but the landing strip looks better

  • depends on the girl, some look good shaved. some look good with a huge bush ect

    • I like this answer..reflects the fact that we all have different tolerances...because...the more I hear that "shaved is what is offered and that is what I will be lucky to accept", the more I am determined that I would never deal with baby buttass bare...(:

  • bare.

  • The less hair that's there means the more I will want to lick and play with it. The effort is definitely appreciated and rewarded when it comes to clearing the undergrowth.

  • Bush. Bare is just weird

    • define bush

    • hair on the pubic mound

  • Eh? I love pushing my nose through soft, natural curls...if you want to clear the hair down by the lips...*shrugs*...some of these guys are evidently so uncoordinated that they don't know how to part hair...oh well...their coordination will improve with age...No Bare For Me Thank You Very Much...(:

    • how old are you? just curious =) ...and well I hope most men are coordinated...but I like being low trimmed when I am single and bare when I am in a relationship cause that's when I'll let a guy who has to be my boyfriend touch me etc :$

  • My favorites in order:

    1) Bush

    2) Trimmed bush

    3) Landing strip

    4) Bare

    • why is bush #1?

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    • how old are you? cause if you are young then your the very few that like bush..but I do think it's coool , your preference =) but I like being bare, it feels nice for me to play with O:)

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