Is it possible to tell if a girl has lost her virginity by body language and gait?

Okay so my friend's mom figured out that my friend lost her virginity.

She said could tell because she walks differently.

She also says she can tell from body language.

Is this true? If so, what does she mean by body language, and what does the walk look like afterwards?


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  • I found this article while trying to clear my doubts and hopefully it will be useful, check it out

    Nope! Girls who have had sex do not walk differently from girls who have not had sex. That's just one of the many myths about people who have sex. Rest assured that having sex does not change a person's outward appearance.

    One reason behind some of these myths is the changes associated with puberty. For example, some people believe that girls who have had sex get bigger breasts and hips. Although girls may notice that their breasts and hips grow around the time they start to become sexually active, this is not caused by becoming sexually active. The changes are actually caused by puberty. During puberty, hormonal changes cause girls' hips to widen and breasts to grow. These changes are completely normal, and they happen whether or not a girl becomes sexually active.

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  • No way.

    It makes my MaleBoveineManure-detector ring very loud and and clear ;-)

    Your mother is guessing or speaking about the general impression she has about the girl, not about a fact.

    Of course there is a one in two chance she guesses right and a one in two chance she guesses wrong.

  • It's true. I don't know how--I hope some girl explains it--but girls can tell almost infallibly when another girl got laid.

    I would guess that a girl who's flirts strangely or spooks around guys, was a virgin. I often guess wrong, though.

  • I am guessing her mom was right? I would like to know how that works or if it is more common also. Good Q.

  • Hell no. Its complete bull shit.

  • NO. Her mother tricked her. They were saying that same old line 20 years ago when I was your age.

    • But how did she know?

    • Her mother didn't know. Her mother jist said that to see if she would admit that she did have sex.

      Your friend probably said yes & that's how her Mother tricked her into telling.

    • Yesss,

      totally agree with you.

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  • Very You can't tell by how someone walks or by body language if they have had sex. Sex doesn't change your body structure..seriously not.

    Your friends mom tricked your friend...and very well at that. She must have had a hunch, and used that as an excuse/trick to get your friend to fess up...but no sane, informed adult woman would truly think such a thing about the female body.

  • That's insane. There is no way to know this by the way someone walks or holds themselves. She was just duping the girl into telling the truth. Most people thought I was a virgin for the longest time because I was (still am) squeamish about people who make out in public. I'm private with my physical affection. I can talk about sex with no problem. But you will never see me hang all over a guy, suck face with a guy or anything so explicit. I will hold hands, give a quick peck and hug. Attitude? Maybe. The way they walk? Heck no.

    Getting laid and then walking somewhere can really be uncomfortable if the sex was rough (sometimes my crotch is sore so I may walk a little funny) or if you had sex without a condom and all his come is trickling out (then yes I would walk funny too). But this is right after getting laid. I personally would take a shower before going out like that but some people don't.

  • I can usually tell when a person is a virgin or not, not always but sometimes. It's like before they were immature about sex, the way they talked about it or reacted when it was brought up. And now that they have actually done it they can see it from a personal point of view and act differently about it. Also, they are usually less nervous or shy when it's brought up after they have done it. You don't really walk differently though that I have noticed, maybe a little more confident or something I guess.

  • she probably had a slight spring in her step looked a bit happier? mothers are good at seeing what's up with their children. It's like your mom ALWAYS knowing when something was wrong or bugging you.

  • ok...after I lost my virginity my grandmother had told me the same thing...i guess the walk is that ur feet curve out more...and body she dresses or acts around guys now...i went through the same thing

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