Is it possible to tell if a girl has lost her virginity by body language and gait?

Okay so my friend's mom figured out that my friend lost her virginity.

She said could tell because she walks differently.

She also says she can tell from body language.

Is this true? If so, what does she mean by body language, and what does the walk look like afterwards?


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  • I found this article while trying to clear my doubts and hopefully it will be useful, check it out

    Nope! Girls who have had sex do not walk differently from girls who have not had sex. That's just one of the many myths about people who have sex. Rest assured that having sex does not change a person's outward appearance.

    One reason behind some of these myths is the changes associated with puberty. For example, some people believe that girls who have had sex get bigger breasts and hips. Although girls may notice that their breasts and hips grow around the time they start to become sexually active, this is not caused by becoming sexually active. The changes are actually caused by puberty. During puberty, hormonal changes cause girls' hips to widen and breasts to grow. These changes are completely normal, and they happen whether or not a girl becomes sexually active.