Are women attracted to bigger testicles?

i just wanna know if I have any advantages. my testicle hang .5-1" longer then my penis and my testes are the size of eggs. do women find this attracting?


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  • sure. haven't found an unattractive penis yet...


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  • LOL, every girls different. ha ha this is such an odd question.

  • Well I know I don't like really small balls because I think that's kinda strange but I'e never been with a guy with really BIG balls lmao

  • well different girls like different things , personally I don't really care how big they are but it don't matter to most girls :)

  • that sounds like fun actually ;D

    • is it? and why?

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    • oooh, soy you are evil I see

    • maybe just a tiny bit

  • Every girl is different on what she likes but I think your good, just be confident in your size. I think size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. =) Good Luck.

    • thats for the penis... but I was talking about testicles

    • Oh OK, my bad lol. Well, if the girl really likes you, I think it shouldn't matter because she should like you for what you have and whatever size your testicles are. :)

  • Sounds like they'll be extremely saggy when you get old. Maybe you should wear briefs.

    • i think is the other way around... plus I don't wanna cook up my sperms. I also try wearing briefs and I find them so uncomfortable

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    • Very good point wpmason!

    • true!

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  • size of eggs...

    riiiight, I would personally advise a little trip to the doctors sonny.

    • hopefully you are a doctor yourself...