Why do men like to deflower women?

And there doesn't seem to be an age where a man isn't aroused by popping some young thing's cherry.


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  • There's a strong biological reason why men prefer virgins or girls with less sex partners. Biologically speaking, a girl that has less or no sex with other men will be far less likely to have mothered children by other fathers. Look up the term "cuckold". Even if men don't want to have children with a women, they have a natural biological aversion to sluttiness for long-term partners. It is subconscious, not something the men can choose themselves overtly.

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      bullsh*t it's subconcious, it's completely conditioned by society.

      how can you biologically sniff out a virgin or a slut? you cant, unless she tells you, you wouldn't even know except for preconeived ideas you form about based on appearance and reputation which are usually wrong. Your so called inherent aversion of sluts is formed not by instinct but by what society tells you is desirable.

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      Its called a reputation. If word spreads that girl is slutty, that's bad news for her finding a long-term prospect. You're right, her reputation can be wrong, which is why it is important for a girl to defend it. If she isn't slutty, she needs to identify who's spreading the rumors.

      Men like sleeping with girls period, sluts virgins and somewhere in-between. They will tend to chose girls from the latter two categories for long-term relationships if given the choice.