Why do men like to deflower women?

And there doesn't seem to be an age where a man isn't aroused by popping some young thing's cherry.


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  • There's a strong biological reason why men prefer virgins or girls with less sex partners. Biologically speaking, a girl that has less or no sex with other men will be far less likely to have mothered children by other fathers. Look up the term "cuckold". Even if men don't want to have children with a women, they have a natural biological aversion to sluttiness for long-term partners. It is subconscious, not something the men can choose themselves overtly.

    • bullsh*t it's subconcious, it's completely conditioned by society.

      how can you biologically sniff out a virgin or a slut? you cant, unless she tells you, you wouldn't even know except for preconeived ideas you form about based on appearance and reputation which are usually wrong. Your so called inherent aversion of sluts is formed not by instinct but by what society tells you is desirable.

    • Its called a reputation. If word spreads that girl is slutty, that's bad news for her finding a long-term prospect. You're right, her reputation can be wrong, which is why it is important for a girl to defend it. If she isn't slutty, she needs to identify who's spreading the rumors.

      Men like sleeping with girls period, sluts virgins and somewhere in-between. They will tend to chose girls from the latter two categories for long-term relationships if given the choice.

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  • well, because we know it's all new for a woman. Imagine the revelation the first time a **** goes inside her, or how thoroughly satisfying it is knowing your experience could bring her to new heights of pleasure, sensations she has never felt before. I'm sure there's dominant submissive element. Don't get me wrong, I've done it a few times, it's no big deal. But it's hot. I'm sorry that makes me a perverse animal.

    • Sorry I didn't mean to down vote this my tuch screen has sesuers from time to time. I don't think there's anything wrong with your awser so long as your not using the girl.

  • most of us do not focus on that. If we are given the privilege, it is a cool and boosts the ego a bit. But it does not define most of us. realistically, a virgin is not that great when it comes to the sex at that time. sorry girls, but there is a lot of stop and go, second thoughts, tears, mental baggage, so even though there might be some biological drive to pop her, reality is a bit different.

  • Deflower? I like that word. Anyway I honestly don't care if a girl is a virgin or not when dating. As long as she has practiced safe sex then I don't care.

  • As I said in other posts. Think of it as getting a brand new car, no wear and tear ;). Same reason why I don't like buying used cars,unless I'm the one using it from the start.

  • Eh. a lot of guys fear being the one to pop a girls cherry out of fear of her getting clingy. You always remember your first and guys that aren't serious with a girl yet don't want that. Assuming the guy has had sex before.

  • I think that it's special to be a girl's first, other than that, don't know.

  • Disagree. Blood gets everywhere. Can't stand it. Better when that does not happen.

  • yeah...I don't and have never done so...never cared to mess with virginity...(

  • I want to deflower a virgin girl is because I am one myself and want us to remember each other as our firsts

  • I see many good answers here, but many have failed to mention that some guys seek out virgins because they get off on the look of pain on a girls face when they take her virginity. I've known a few virgin hunters who really get off on that and seek out virgins for that reason. Some are deliberately rough about it and like hearing her cry out as they thrust into her.

    • absolutely. i've known several guys who would stare at my face and make comments like ”i love this expression”

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  • i like to deflower boys

  • Yeah it's gross when old guys don't like to date girls their own age.

  • To the person who mentioned sluttiness in girls, that goes double for guys. No girl wants a guy who whores around but has a double standard about personal behavior. And no girls wants a guy who still thinks in antiquated terms like slutiness. Sex is sex and everybody does it, so guys who think otherwise can get over themselves.

  • I like to "deflower" boys ;D

    • I'm honestly curious.. why do you like that?

    • What red said.

    • Lol boys now that I got your attention, I will say that girls too don't like " well seasoned" boys . It is not an attractive quality in either gender. For me it is a total turn off.

  • It's a power and ego thing for them.

    • Refer to my comment :L not so much about power or ego really.

    • While that may be true for you, I've had plenty of guy friends say otherwise. I realize everyone is different. I just posted what I've heard the most.